all about the Switch game for its release

Luigi's Mansion 3: all about the Switch game for its release

LUIGI’S MANSION 3 – Nintendo offers us a delicious Halloween with the release of the new Luigi’s Mansion, a game that seems to exceed expectations on Switch.

[Mise à jour le 31 octobre 2019 à 11h39] If the title was not the most awaited by Nintendo for this year, we have come to shudder with impatience at the approach of its release, because the information and the criticisms received are absolutely all positive. The game itself remains in line with its predecessors, with your ghost vacuum cleaner which becomes a real Swiss knife, allowing you many actions. The hotel, divided into several thematic floors, is teeming with secrets to discover. Each floor being perfectly renewed and original, we end up with a game that seems addictive and offers a certain interest, renewed regularly. Count, according to the tests, almost 30 hours to solve all the puzzles, and a little more if you want to discover all the secrets. Also remember to bring your best playmate, because Luigi’s Mansion 3 is an opportunity to have a good time, since the game is fully playable in cooperation, with the character of Gluigi, who has his own mechanics, creating an asymmetrical but terribly interesting game system. And if you are bored with cooperation, you can still indulge in multiplayer, with a whole bunch of activities, including procedurally generated levels, for almost infinite replayability. Find below a review of the press tests for more details.

Luigi’s Mansion 3: what do press tests say?

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is the brand new installment in the little saga of Mario’s brother. Courageous, the green guy will do everything to save his friends, kidnapped by ghosts in a sordid hotel. The game seems to be a worthy continuation of the previous two, and modernizes the concepts introduced previously, despite the flawless linearity inherent in the saga it seems. The overall ratings convey this idea, with very good feedback from most of the specialized media.

“There are not many possibilities to diverge from the frame, but each level has a large number of optional challenges and puzzles, objects to find or various bonuses” indicates VG247 in his test. Each level being on a specific theme, we expect to collect in large numbers to keep us entertained throughout the game, and this is clever given that in a hotel like that of Luigi’s Mansion, it would have been difficult to set up optional ways to solve the story. But do not expect to quietly unfold the scenario, comfortably installed with your Switch, your plaid and your hot chocolate. Because, according to Eurogamer, there will be several “panic situations during which Luigi is put under pressure by his environment, during which you will have only a few seconds to solve a puzzle and quickly transfer your attention between Luigi and Gluigi while piles are closing in on you And even if it’s not the good old Luigi’s Mansion that you know, it keeps the same spirit. ” But since everything cannot be perfect, there must be a small shadow on the board, and this is Game Informer who brings it, noting that “the controls are a bit difficult, and bring a little frustration. A fixed camera, an omni-directional joystick and an imprecise motion-control combine for a frustrating experience. […] It took several tries to finally feel that I had total control of Luigi “.

But despite small shadows, the game is generally very well received, and gets very correct marks. VG247 note 4/5, Eurogamer recommends the game, IGN gives it a very good 8.3 / 10 rating, equivalent to that of Game Informer which is 8.5 / 10. In short, a game recommended by the press, and which will occupy your calm evenings of the approaching winter.

Scenario, gameplay … What you need to know about this sequel

A few days before the release of Luigi’s Mansion 3, it’s time to take stock of some of the information we have for this third installment of the nice ghost hunting game that will be released on October 31 on Nintendo Switch, the hybrid console from the Japanese manufacturer. Here is the information to remember about this new episode of the saga born on GameCube in which Mario’s brother is sent to catch ghosts using a very special vacuum cleaner.

  • The scenario sends us to a hotel of several floors, in which your friends (Mario, Peach and a fiddling with Toads) are trapped. Each floor revolves around a particular theme (pirate, medieval, Egypt …) and unique mechanics.
  • Luigi has several new skills, such as “slam”, which allows you to stun ghosts after hitting them repeatedly against the ground.
  • Each floor should allow a temporary upgrade on your paraphernalia. For example, the floor of carnivorous plants could offer you the possibility of installing a saw on your vacuum cleaner.
  • Cooperation makes its entrance, with the character of Gluigi, the gelatinous version of the hero. The particular mechanics of its bodily matter will be useful for unlocking new accesses.
  • Several multiplayer modes are to be expected, including the “ScareScrapper” mode, playable from 1 to 8 players, in which participants are attacked by multiple waves of enemies as they try to climb the floors of a hotel generated by procedural way.

DLC for Luigi’s Mansion 3

We were talking at the beginning of September, following Nintendo Direct, the different multiplayer modes of Luigi’s Mansion 3. These, without being revolutionary, still promise a few hours of fun with friends or online thanks to effective gameplay . But Nintendo had not announced it during the live: the game, and especially the multiplayer, will have paid DLC to come. It says at the bottom of the Nintendo store page : “Note: Paid downloadable content will be available for Luigi’s Mansion 3 in the future. It will enrich the multiplayer modes of the Haunted Tower and the Strange Games!”

Nintendo has not yet communicated on this additional content and what it will bring, but it is likely that these are new characters, cosmetics, challenges and game cards. We should have all the information necessary to this topic during the month of October.

What new features for Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Luigi’s Mansion 3 takes place in a very strange hotel, which is much larger than the playgrounds of the previous two episodes. Each floor will have a specific theme, and the one highlighted during the Nintendo Direct video is that of Ancient Egypt. But there will also be a medieval floor, a pirate tavern, a restaurant and a nightclub. To get an idea of ​​all that Nintendo is preparing for the solo of Luigi’s Mansion 3, we can watch the different trailers of this year, especially that of E3. But that will only give us a glimpse of the game, which will be released soon.

Most of the time for the presentation of Nintendo Direct on September 5, however, focused on multiplayer modes: games of the strange. In this multiplayer mode, two opposing teams, a team from Luigi and a team from Gluigi, the sticky alter ego of Luigi. Up to 8 players can compete on a single console. The objective of this mode is to make more points than the opposing team by defeating ghosts, collecting coins, and interacting with the decor like destroying targets with a cannon. We will not know more than that before the release of the game on October 31, 2019 on Nintendo Switch, just for Halloween.

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