All districts and independent cities in Hesse far from “50”

I.n Hesse, 9012 coronavirus infections have become known since the beginning of the records in early March. This results from the daily bulletin of the Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs, since it went online around 5 p.m. The country has spoken of 20 new cases since Sunday. They correspond to an increase of 0.2 percent.

Thorsten Winter

Business editor and internet coordinator in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

The mark 50, which is important for a possible withdrawal of loosening in the Corona cases with less than 100,000 inhabitants in the past seven days, does not even come close to an independent city in Hesse or a district, according to the bulletin. The Odenwald has the worst value at 26, the lowest and therefore the best at Vogelsberg. From there, no new infection has been reported within a week for several days. The district of Hersfeld-Rotenburg is doing almost as well.

Darmstadt and Kassel have the lowest so-called incidence among the cities with 6 each. Frankfurt comes in at eight, Offenbach at 19. However, there are currently 1363 infections in total for Frankfurt, but only 131 for the neighboring city.

The number 9012 is also in the daily report of the Robert Koch Institute. The facility, called RKI, is the leader in disease control in Germany. Compared to Sunday, 14 new cases have been reported to the RKI, with the status at 0.00 o’clock. The plus corresponds to an increase of a good 0.1 percent. According to the RKI and the Ministry of Social Affairs, a victim has been added in connection with the pandemic, so the deaths add up to 412.

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The possible delay in reporting should be considered. Especially on weekends, it can happen that not all health authorities in Hesse report their new cases to the responsible Hessian State Examination and Investigation Office in Health Care and the Robert Koch Institute. According to the RKI, approximately 7,600 patients are of hers Infection has since recovered; 100 more than on Sunday. This means that there are 18.4 recovered people per corona victim.

Estimated number of people recovered

As the RKI announced on request, it does not officially collect data on the number of people who have recovered. The survey was also not provided for by law. “However, at least in the cases in which most of the information was determined and which had no severe symptoms and were not admitted to a hospital, it can be assumed that they will have recovered after 14 days at the latest,” says Berlin . The RKI estimates the number of those recovered.

The Ministry of Social Affairs bulletin came out about three hours later than expected. It is usually published around 2 p.m. At the beginning of the week, however, technical difficulties delayed the publication, as a spokeswoman for the Ministry of the F.A.Z. said.

The bulletin is based on figures that are electronically available to the Hesse State Examination and Examination Office in the health care sector by 10:30 a.m. The spokeswoman could not say what was particularly difficult at the beginning of the week.

The Hessian Ministry of Social Affairs publishes a detailed overview of the development of corona every day, broken down by district and urban district. It refers to figures from the Robert Koch Institute and the Hesse State Examination and Investigation Office in Health Care at the Gießen Regional Office, to which the health authorities must report the new cases.

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So far, the state office has somewhat newer figures than the RKI. However, about three weeks ago it announced that it would take over a new RKI evaluation tool. As a result, there should be no major discrepancies in the data. But that doesn’t work yet, especially since a readout error can also occur, like last week.

When asked, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Social Affairs of the F.A.Z. said that there was a more complex technical problem behind it. Put simply, two different databases should have been merged, but this did not work in the Wetterau case. Although the district publishes its corona development every day, the numbers of several days were obviously not taken into account on the reporting route, for the reason mentioned.

You can find the current bulletin here.


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