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All multifunds show positive results so far in August: only two generate profits | Economy

With information available as of August 24, all multifunds show positive results, with returns ranging from 1.34% for fund A, to 0.17% for fund E.

This was pointed out from the Ciedess corporation, where the positive balance so far this month was highlighted.

Rodrigo Gutierrez, General Manager of Ciedess, detailed that in their historical results, the riskiest funds are the ones that have rented the most.

“The good results obtained by the riskier funds are due to mixed results in international markets. But above all, on the rise at the national level of Selective Stock Price Index (IPSA) and also the exchange rate with an increase of around 3% ”, said Gutiérrez.

The riskiest funds, types A and B, register increases of 1.84% and 1.47% respectively, while the moderate risk fund, Type C, presents a variation of 0.82%. For their part, the most conservative funds obtain positive results of 0.22% for Type D and 0.17% for Type E.

Multi-fund result

The monthly result of Type A and B multifunds is mainly explained by the return on investment in equity instruments, both national and international.

Markets continue to be affected by persistent uncertainty due to the pandemic. This month in particular highlights the advances in the inoculation processes and the outbreaks of Delta variant in China and Japan.

We have that the world index registers a increase of 1.72%, while the Dow Jones and S&P 500 obtain results of 1.23% and 2.07% respectively.

In turn, at the local level, the IPSA records a nominal increase of 2.76%, mainly explained by the result of actions belonging to the services and natural resources sectors.

In contrast, the returns of the more conservative funds –Types C, D and E– It is explained by the results of investments in local debt securities.

However, the positive contribution would be mainly associated with the results of the national and international equities.

Finally, mixed variations were observed in the interest rates of the central bank bonds (BCP-5 and BCP-10 rates vary +34 and +46 bp respectively).


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