All through the stump deck! Chekhova changed her mind about producing plus-size clothes

The show “Model XL” did not save from collapse.

Women are looking for shopping clothes, but not everyone has the right size, because plus-size is a problem in Russia. The stores do not sell sizes larger than 48-50, and what at this time do ladies of appetizing sizes is unknown.

The nature presenter Anfisa Chekhov was awarded the forms of the Greek goddess, so Anfisa took pity on the plus-size Russians and set about producing “special” clothes.
A fresh collection went on sale and fans were surprised: Chekhova changed her mind about producing plus-size clothes. In the catalogs there was no model larger than 54 sizes, and not every such size was foreseen. All through the stump deck!

Such a woman’s ignore is justified: everywhere plus-size is censured. Nobody takes TV presenters – “donuts”, even “Fashionable sentence” does not choose heroines with uniforms. There are strange rumors about the Model XL show. Fans confirm: girls who are more than 54 in size are simply expelled, because there is nothing to dress up for.

It’s chaos on TV, and the Russians who watch such shows are sad: if the girls “have nothing to wear from the box”, then the rest will have to go in a bag. In stores, shelves are clogged with micro-jeans and micro blouses. The images recommended by stylists cannot be repeated. The option with the M&S store, which sells clothes larger than size 52-54, does not work, because the prices there are atrocious.

Don’t wait for the promised one from Chekhova, it remains to stomp around for seconds, there will be no problem fashionable clothes, the size of which will suit both plus-size and wallet.


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