Almodóvar, Banderas and Cruz, towards the glory in Cannes


Along with a radiant Penélope Cruz, the director from La Mancha Pedro Almodóvar returned to tour the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival on Friday, in search of his first Palme d'Or with 'Pain and glory'. Her fetish actress chose a cheerful dress of blue and white flowers, with lace, and topped with two navy blue ribbons; while Almodóvar, very sober dressed in black, posed as usual with dark sunglasses.

In this autobiographical film, Penélope Cruz plays the mother of Almodóvar in scenes that evoke her childhood. «Pedro always saw me as a mother since I met him at 17 years old. Already in 'Carne Trémula', I give birth in a bus with the help of Pilar Bardem! ", Explained the actress to a group of journalists, among them the AFP, in reference to her mother-in-law. An innate role, according to Cruz: "Already when I was playing as a child, with three or four years, I always chose the character of mother." "Penelope would have been an incomplete woman if she had not had children!" Said Almodóvar.

The rest of the cast of 'Dolor y gloria' also accompanied the director on the red carpet: the protagonist, Antonio Banderas, who plays Almodóvar himself, wore a black suit with a white bow tie and was accompanied by his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel. The Spanish actors Asier Etxeandia and Nora Navas and the Argentine Leonardo Sbaraglia completed the group that was left to photograph on the red carpet. Other Spanish actors such as Marisa Paredes and Rossy de Palma attended the event to support the film. Almodóvar "deserves" the Palme d'Or, said the latter.

'Dolor y gloria' is the sixth film with which the Spanish competes for the highest award in Cannes. On the 25th, the jury chaired by the Mexican Alejandro González Iñarritu will announce the winner among the 21 films in the contest.


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