Almost half a dozen Democrats make offers to consider House Supervisor on Cummings


The candidates are from the most senior Democrats to the more junior parties on the panel, they are a mixture of women and races and focused on various areas of the committee's work, from citizenship and census matters. to their current investigations into Trump's administration and affairs.

Representative Carolyn B. Maloney (D-N.Y.) Serves as active chair of the committee, as the most senior democratic member, and said in a short interview on Friday that she intends to seek the relationship on a permanent basis.

Like others, she refused to talk in detail about the contours of her tender for the death of Cummings last week. But it is likely that she will pay attention to her recent history in relation to statutory occasions – such as the permanent reimbursement of victims' compensation fund to those who responded to the 9/11 terrorist attacks – as well as her long service on the panel and leadership of census issues and a successful attempt to maintain a citizenship issue from the 2020 Census form.

However, other members of the panel say that they believe that they have a stronger case to face on the Congress' top watch panel during a one-in-one determination that stands with the president.

According to people who unfamiliar with their plans, speaking about the condition of anonymity to speak honestly, it is meant by Gerald Reps E. Connolly (D-Va.) And Jackie Speier (D-Calif.). Offers to go to lead Cummings as Supervisory chairman.

Connolly has been more senior – Democrat deputy division under Cummings during the last Congress, and was the biggest Democrats when Cummings was admitted to hospital – Speier and he chairs his most extensive subcommittee. , on government operations. He is also the Foreign Affairs Committee, which is also involved in the deduction quest.

However Speier in the House has more seniority and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif) chose it to sit on the House of Information Committee, which took part among the investigators.

Speier refused to comment. Connolly said Monday that he had not made a final decision on running: "Of course, I would be interested," he told reporters. "I'm now focused on making my job and being prepared" for a Cummings funeral.

Connolly and Speier were much more involved in the trial of the breach than Maloney, who chairs the Financial Services sub-committee. Maloney is a much more frequent presence on cable news networks, setting out the status of the Home Democrats' investigation and the situation they are taking against Trump.

The three House panels – Information, Foreign Affairs and Supervision – are concentrating on whether Trump asked for foreign aid for his reconciliation campaign by returning vital military aid to Ukraine when he put pressure on leaders. investigate political secrets.

The Conference often includes the rules of seniority in relation to forwarding the torch for panel leadership positions – a tradition that would favor Maloney. However, there is no hard and strict rule stating that this is the case; instead, candidates make their case to the Democratic Steering and Policy Committee, who will make a recommendation in a process that will commence after the funeral of Cummings on Friday, in accordance with democratic facilities. Ultimately, this recommendation will be subject to a vote of the full Democratic House recess.

This is often influenced by the wishes of the speaker. “At the end of the day, Nancy Pelosi is the most powerful vote,” said Mr Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Mo.).

Part of the Steering Committee's challenge is that there is a consensus among the leaders and members of rank and files that there is no obvious candidate to fill Cummings' son, the son of the shareholders, who has become a senior statesman, whose baritone has grown. the command of the law from both sides of the aisle, and one of the most democratic voices trained to convey the party's grievances to the administration of the Trump and his collision case against the president.

One constraint for Connolly is that the Democrats may face potential criticism if the three panels conducting the collision inquiry are dominated by white men, particularly in a popular House of Commons Democratic conference. from a historical point of view.

The Information Committee is chaired by Adam Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), And is chaired by Mr. Eliot L. Engel (D-N.Y.) Leading the Foreign Affairs Committee.

Some members of the Black Congressional Caucasus are laying the groundwork to support the representative of William Lacy Clay (D-Mo.), An African American and the third highest Democracy on the panel, if he chose to take on the chair, According to two members who are familiar with discussions behind the scenes.

The CBC is a strong force in leadership elections, with 53 members in the House of the 234-member Democrats, and its leaders are likely to argue that it is appropriate to nominate a black maker as Cummings successor, though the group has previously This argued that direct seniority would be respected. Clay refused to comment on his plans last week.

Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.), Second Democracy on the highest and most African American panel, said Monday that she was supporting Maloney because of her seniority. But, she said, “if something happens to her, I'm next to him, and I'll make sure I get it.”

Legal manufacturers can also take account of how strong the party's spokesperson will be the next chair, since it is expected that the Supervisory Committee will continue its investigations into Trump, its companies and its policies in the near future. after the House has abolished the deduction quest.

Age and health could be a cause: Despite Cummings' s sovereign presence, he was suffering from illness since 2017, and some of the conference officials have private concerns about the disadvantages of being possible. Another chairperson has health challenges. Clay 63, Connolly 69, Maloney 73, is Norton 82 and Speier is 69.

Once the succession race is completed, the day-to-day investigation of the panel will continue. The recipient of Cummings will also receive the supervision of the Supervisory Committee, which is considered to be the panel's investigative work.

Maloney said on Friday that she would do “completely” without any changes in personnel after the death of Cummings.

“The work of the Oversight and Reform Committee will continue uninterrupted despite our heavy hearts – as the Chair of Cummings would have wanted,” she said in a statement released Monday. “We will continue to address the inquiry into energy determination to support the investigation led by the Information Committee.”


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