Almost Made Timor Leste Leave Indonesia Immediately in 1977, This Is Dunn’s Report, Australian Covered Up Through High Level Lobbying

Sosok.ID – Living in conflict, hunger, and disease is said to be the background of the people’s desire Timor Leste to escape from Indonesia and become an independent country.

This appalling condition was said to have occurred during the Indonesian occupation.

As known, Timor Leste became part of Indonesian territory after the invasion in 1975, then broke away in 1999. In fact, in 1977, a report almost ‘accelerated’ the release Timor Leste from Indonesia.

Launch articles The Diplomat (7/3/2018), written by Peter Job, a professor and activist for Timor Leste, that in 1977 there was a report outlining gross human rights violations in Timor Leste, referred to as Dunn Report.

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However, Peter Job revealed that the report was tried to be buried by the neighboring country of Timor Leste, Australia.

At that time, in Australia, relations with Suharto’s New Order were considered important for the Fraser government’s foreign policy agenda.

After the unification of Vietnam and the inward fall of Laos and Cambodia
the Marxist regime in 1975, the Fraser government saw support
for the pro-Western anti-communist regime in the region as a thing

This goal is also strongly encouraged by the United States.



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