Alonso ends against the wall in the 500-Mile free

"It's the most important race of my life", says Fernando Alonso on his second attempt at the Indianapolis 500. It is the missing leg to round the Triple Crown next to the Monaco GP and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, is the reason why he has left Formula 1 to seek a recognition that the Grand Circus denies him. And it is also the most difficult challenge of his career embarked on the construction of a car, with a whole new team, and a single attempt. Only the victory serves him and the previous week he could not start worse. A breakdown left him unable to shoot in Tuesday's second off after setting a very poor time; an accident left him blank on Wednesday.

McLaren and Alonso relied on Andretti Racing in 2017, one of the leading IndyCar teams. They put their stickers in the car, Alonso made the seat, and to run in one of the best cars of the contest, with several cars to exchange data and settings in what was probably the fastest car in the 'brickyard' two years ago. In 2019, McLaren has organized its own structure, newly created, with a single car and with Alonso as sole battering ram.

Someone could say that it is a reckless project, Mark Miles, CEO and head of IndyCar softens it a bit, "McLaren is an iconic name, probably better known in the United States than Fernando's, it's also a great car company. But, it is more difficult if you are not part of a team with several cars. And that disadvantage becomes more evident when Alonso, the only one of his team, loses a free session due to a technical problem or an accident.

"We thought a lot about planning, and we hope we can do it as well as we planned. The challenge is huge, obviously. And we are very aware of that. We have some good people, they are dedicated to that program, they are very talented and experienced. But putting together a team takes time, and it's never easy, "explains Gil de Ferran, a McLaren and Alonso adviser in the F-1 500 Mile and who is now the sporting director of McLaren F-1. "I think we've done it the hard way. In 2017, we partnered with Michael Andretti and we took advantage of his team that has been present and has been very successful in the category. It's much harder to start a team from scratch, "explains Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren.

"The teams that compete in Indy are very good. We have seen very large teams, from Rahal to Andretti, to Penske, not even finish the race, so I think the race is a bit of a lottery, so I do not think it can be inferred that it will be easy for us at all & rdquor ; adds the Woking team leader.

The outside of the curve 3

After the problems with the electrical wiring that left him with only one lap in the afternoon session of the first free on Tuesday (after completing 49 turns in the morning), the Spaniard had an accident after the first hour and a half of the free 2 on Wednesday Wednesday. Alonso rolled behind a Rahal when he lost grip and went out of Turn 3.

The McLaren-Chevrolet hit laterally against the wall, puncturing the right tires and causing him to lose control, to hit the wall again. Alonso left by his own foot, but the car has been significantly damaged. "It was an error on my part to underestimate the grip of curve 3. Today I feel sorry for the team and the guys who have to work a lot now." Lesson learned. We will return stronger today or tomorrow ", said the Spaniard moments later on his Instagram account.

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