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Already 30,000 tickets for abused Frédérique

The cards with get well wishes keep pouring in to Frédérique from Amstelveen who was mistreated last Monday. According to Radio 538, which started the letter campaign earlier this week, there are now more than 30,000.

The cards come from all over the world, father Paul Brink told this morning in the 538 Morning Show. “The campaign has not only reached the Netherlands, letters are also coming from Brazil, Moscow, Las Vegas, Turkey and Washington.”

According to him, the action does not only trigger a lot with Frédérique. “What a difference this has made. You also see that it is a plaster for a lot of people. There are a lot of people who are damaged. We also receive letters from people who have experienced the same in the past.”

More mail

According to Brink, a lot more mail is on its way to his daughter. “PostNL has actively contacted us about the large volumes. Last night they called again that they have again received large volumes that are yet to come, so that will only come today. The volumes are the cards, but not the packages yet. also in huge quantities.”


Brink’s daughter Frédérique became abused last monday at a playground in Amstelveen. huhThe 14-year-old girl turns out to have been beaten for giving an unexpected answer to the question of whether she was a boy or a girl. “I am who I am and you can be whoever you want to be,” she told the boys. She responded well the second time. Still, the answer was not satisfactory. Then came some hard blows.

According to her father, the girl was left with a broken nose and teeth. A 14-year-old boy became arrested by the police the next day for the abuse. The girl herself is now home to recover.

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