Already down, the price of used Honda Freed cars is getting more friendly as of May 2021

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The price of used Honda Freed cars is now getting cheaper. Based on records compiled from used car sites Olx, The price of the original Honda Freed used car variant is now only IDR 100 million as of May 2021.

The price of used Honda Freed cars has fallen from Rp 110 million last month.

The price of a Honda Freed car in a bar condition is around Rp. 250 million for the highest type. When it was first launched in 2009, the market response to the Honda Freed was quite slick. This is evidenced by the fact that the first output market was able to survive until 2011.

Honda Freed can now be obtained at a used car price of IDR 120 million. Honda Freed entered the Indonesian market by introducing the car generation Low modern MPV with sliding doors that become its identity.

With the price of used Honda Freed cars getting cheaper, curious about the specifications?

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Following are the details of the features along with the specifications and price list of the initial Honda Freed used cars as follows:

1. The exterior side

In design, the Honda Freed has a trapezoid-shaped grille with chrome accents. The design of the front is quite modern, even now the Honda Freed is not out of date. Headlamp has a design that tapers sideways to the side of the car cap.

Looks extra foglamp and sufficient air holes on the underside or bumper of the car.

On the side, the Honda Freed looks minimalist with a right angled trapezoid from the back. It looks like the sliding door is also quite neat, with a luxurious impression. The tire has a 15 inch alloy wheel.

On the back, the Honda Freed is quite simple. In section stoplamp, Honda Freed has a trapezoid shape that has a clear crystal impression. In addition, Roof spoiler to add effect sporty.

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2. Interior side

Next to the interior of the Honda Freed, there is a quite roomy cabin. Honda Freed is wrapped in bright colors for the layout of the cabin. Meanwhile, parts dashboard and seats are dominated by black.

Uniquely, part Multi Information Display (MID) is located with the difference in height from the steering part. MID is equipped with a digital gasoline and kilometer indicator. While on headunit Double Din Audio Player has been pinned along with touch screen entertainment features.

On the steering wheel, the Honda Freed features embedded Electric Power Steering to make it easier to control the steering wheel.

The seats for the Honda Freed seats consist of three rows of seats that can accommodate 6 to 7 passengers.

3. Engine Performance

This used Honda Freed car is equipped with an engine with a capacity of 1,500cc SOHC i-VTEC + DBW + TBR which has 4 cylinders, so this Honda Freed is able to go with a maximum power of 118 horsepower with a maximum torque of 148 Nm.

The Honda Freed transmission is only equipped with a 5-speed automatic transmission.

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4. Safety Features

Honda Freed has been equipped with a car body design technology called G-CON + ACE. This technology is predicted to be able to reduce vibrations and collisions during a car accident. Honda Freed is also equipped with ABS and EBD braking systems.

Existing technology on Honda Freed that is Pedestrian Protection, to find out if there are people around the car. Car safety has also been guaranteed through Keyless Entry and Immobilizer with an alarm system.

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The first generation Honda Freed was released with two variants, namely the lowest S type and the E type. The difference lies in the car’s sliding door system.

The Honda Freed E type is equipped with electrically sliding doors, while the S-type Honda Freed has a dedicated manual and electric sliding door on the left side. Of course there is a significant difference in price.

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Through a review of these specifications, this variant of the first generation used Honda Freed car can be your choice. The price of used Honda Freed cars can be obtained from IDR 100 million for the 2010 variant.

If you are looking for a used Honda Freed car, then you should check in more detail for each feature and condition. Make sure the Used Honda Freed Car is in excellent condition. collected several prices for used Honda Freed cars on used car sites Olx as of May 12, 2021. The sales area for used Honda Freed cars is located in Jakarta and its surrounding areas.

The price list for used Honda Freed cars is as follows:

Varian Year Specification Used Car Prices
Electric Sliding Door E 2009 1.500cc Rp. 125 Million
Manual Sliding Door S 2009 1.500cc Rp. 100 million
Electric Sliding Door E 2010 1.500cc Rp. 130 Million
Manual Sliding Door S 2010 1.500cc Rp. 125 Million
Electric Sliding Door E 2011 1.500cc Rp. 140 Million
Manual Sliding Door S 2011 1.500cc Rp. 135 million

*Source: Olx

*The prices of used Honda Freed cars are summarized from used car dealers in the Jakarta area and its surroundings

* The price of a used Honda Freed car depends on the condition of the vehicle.

* Honda Freed used car prices are subject to change at any time.

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