Also for this week, concerts, storytelling and workshops

A week ago, Donostia Kultura introduced new cultural content in its programming, specifically with the work of artists and creators created for the #DKEtxean agenda. They will perform concerts, storytelling readings and / or tutorials, such as the Donostia Kultura website.

In the DK Home Notebook initiative, the writers provide unpublished short stories and illustrations specifically created for this unique situation. This week, Juan Kruz Igerabea, Julia Otxoa and Luisa Etxenike have adapted to read and enjoy the Easter holidays. From Easter, Basque illustrators will be added to the activity. It is a daily offer – Monday to Friday – from the website and social media.

The literary offering began on Monday, March 30, and is being acted upon by a storyteller. The program runs daily at 4:00 pm and offers a story for the whole family in Basque. On Sundays, the story is told in Spanish. Saturdays are also given in sign language. This week, storytellers will feature Lur Korta, Saioa Aizpurua, Lur Usabiaga, Bego Gonzalez and Izaskun Mujika.

Also this week, in the program Etxea Etxea, will be performances by Maribel Salas, Aitziber Garmendia and Jon Plazaola, Iñaki Salvador and Dani Iglesias. The Theater at Home stage includes an agenda of stage shows – theater, music and dance – from Thursday to Sunday at 7pm. The creators provide tablets for new shows and / or creations, which can take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

Directly from Larrotxen

In addition, from Larrotxene Video (Larrotxene K.E.), some content will be featured throughout the week, both on YouTube and Twitch. At this start, the following:

1. After effects tutorial. From April 7, they will show the Larrotxen community how to use this software, starting from the interface. The video tutorials will be posted on the Larrotxen YouTube channel and will be held weekly live shows.

2. Transmediazine. Micro-magazine on topics related to digital narratives. Video games, ARGs, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Social Networking Stories. This program will be launched on April 15.

3. Larrotwitch. As of April 10, the Twitch platform will finally be used to deliver several short films from Larrotxen. Each performance will be organized around a specific topic and the audience will be able to make written comments directly.

As for the weekly piece, the San Telmo Museum on Wednesday will discuss Sert’s canvas, one of the treasures of the museum’s heritage.


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