Alternation in schools starts in February 2021

The alternation for next year in the city schools It has aroused multiple opinions on the part of parents, teachers and rectors of the institutions. Some agree on a gradual return to classrooms, while others flatly deny that possibility because the pandemic is still present.

Parents like Zamira Mulford agree to allow children and young people to return from the next year to the schools to receive the classes in person, as the Ministry of Education is proposing and in the same way in Barranquilla the District Education Secretariat.

Mulford said that in the garden where his son attends they made them, to all parents, surveys on whether they agreed with the alternation; In addition to this, they explained how many days the children would attend and also commented on the entire biosecurity protocol that will be used during the assistance.

“I was one of those who said yes I agreed because in my opinion we have to learn to live with the virus within normality, while there is a vaccine, it is a responsibility of both parents and schools and I decided to accept the alternation ”, said the woman.

In this particular case, the day that Normally, it is five hours, it will be reduced to four hours and only 6 students can attend per day. The rest of the days will continue in virtuality, as will those who do not accept the gradual return, according to Zamira.

“In the last virtual classes, the children were wearing masks to familiarize them that they should always wear it. There were parents who opposed the return, they maintained the position that they were not going to send them until there is a vaccine. The child who has a cold or any minor symptoms will not let him in and that is peace of mind. “

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The opposite happens with Carmen Maduro, who refuses to send her 5-year-old son to school next year And he prefers that he continue teaching his classes virtually until the situation around the coronavirus is different from what is happening today.

“I prefer that they continue virtual huntil there is a vaccine that one says is efficient and will protect us, because for example, how do you explain to young children that you cannot share your snack with your companion or if one of them gets sick and infects the others, more families will be infected, “said Maduro.

On the other hand, the Atlantic Educators Association (Adeba) expressed –through its president José Ignacio Jiménez– that as educators and union they have always agreed with the return to classes; however, he maintained that there are many unknowns in this regard.

“We are convinced and sure that teachers We cannot be replaced by a computer or a cell phone, our function is to educate and the best way is by interacting with our children and young people. We demand real guarantees so that they can be safe in the classrooms, ”said José Jiménez.

Opinions divided by both parents and teachers have been expressed in the city of Barranquilla, after the Ministry of Education presented in recent days, before the Ministry, the alternation plan that would govern from next year in the city schools.

Alternation, safe, gradual and progressive

The District of Barranquilla has been carrying out “Great efforts” to achieve the goals set in school connectivity, framed in the objective of providing students with the necessary tools to be prepared for the demands of the globalized world. However, some shortcomings and weaknesses have become more evident in this time of crisis, where all school activities they have been transferred to the homes of children and young people, increasing the difficulties due to lack of access.

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That is why the district administration of Barranquilla, led by the District Secretary of Education, in coordination with the secretariats of Health and Economic Development, among other agencies, established the provisions, guidelines and requirements to define the appropriate actions that allow the organization and management of the gradual reopening, progressive and safe of the educational institutions of the city in the levels of initial education, preschool, basic, intermediate and cycles of adult education through the program ‘Together we learn more’.

The plan includes 5 great challenges which are to regain confidence and the sense of school as a safe place, prepare the community for the return, rework the emotions that the return produces, re-signify the learning for the return to the presence and finally strengthen the emotions that the Return.

“This disease is endemic and It can be pasted anywhere, what we are going to do is minimize the risks, convince the other that we are going to put the conditions for him to have the minimum risk. We made the plan in 5 challenges, because to return you have to think about this plan, which is before or during the return and follow-up ”, explained the district secretary of Education, Bibiana Rincón.

The District alternation plan, which was sent to all the city schools, It is a document that proposes a route that includes not only the protocols or actions that each one must or can take, It also indicates the support they will have from the administration to ensure gradualness, the pedagogical part, the communication channels, the socio-emotional and the alternative work that will be carried out.

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We must have the alternation plan ready for each school in January; At the end of December we must know what we have, they have already been given a general plan and now the rector or rector must think about the actions from their specific context and deliver us a plan for due process, ”added Rincón.

It should be noted that the Secretariat will be present throughout the process.


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