Alternative Medicine Cures Diabetes 2020/11/20

November 20, 2020

Alternative medicine cures diabetes.

Since the darkest times of prehistory, man has tried to understand diseases and find their cure; Hundreds of texts and codices speak of maneuvers or practices: prayers, incantations, concoctions, etc., to treat diseases, diabetes mellitus is one of them and now, with the celebration of World Diabetes Day, it is convenient to make a little reflection about what happens in the country.

Diabetes mellitus causes about 100,000 deaths a year in Mexico, it is a problem that is unknown or ignored by most of the population; but when it appears, following the deeply rooted traditions in our country, it is “cured” with herbs, teas, magnets, etc., as well as with acupuncture, chiropractic, ozonotherapy, massage u homeopathy; the list of products that can be found in markets across the country confirms that the culture of alternative medicine is present in millions of compatriots.

To the death figures mentioned above must be added the long list of ailments, disabilities and damages that diabetes causes in those who suffer from it and have no control: injuries to the brain and eyes, the heart, the kidney, the extremities, which come to amputation, but despite all these complications, the unhealthy lifestyle continues to prevail in the patient and in their families, and instead of seeking medical attention, many continue to use these “alternative” practices, despite the fact that data on its efficacy are very scarce.

Some patients report a certain perception of improvement in symptoms, their well-being or their quality of life, but almost never studies are carried out to confirm that diabetes is under control.

Diabetes mellitus is a disease whose cause and treatment are well known, and national and international education campaigns have been carried out to ensure that each individual who lives with this disease – and will always live with it – knows it well, knows its consequences and know how to treat it to stay healthy.

The three elements of diabetes management are: diet, exercise, and medications. The feeding has to be guided by a nutritionist or an endocrinologist, based on the clinical data of each person.

The correct diet does not imply the eternal prohibition of consuming sugar or the absurd limitations in the diets, but an adequate balance in quantity and quality so that the organism manages the nutrients properly.

Physical exercise does not mean three hours a day in the gym, but a sensible program of physical activation according to the age and condition of each person, in order to achieve a metabolic balance between the calories ingested and the calories consumed.

Medications should be prescribed by a doctor after making a general balance and analysis of laboratory studies; the wide variety of drugs allows us to find the ones that are most suitable for each person.

On this World Diabetes Day, study yourself and, if you are a person with diabetes, live well and well, knowing that today we have everything we need to live with this disease in a satisfactory way; go to and you will have all the information you need.

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