Álvaro Escobar’s lawsuit to TVN: accuses “unjustified” dismissal

A new shake shakes TVN. Now, Álvaro Escobar filed a lawsuit in the amount of $ 173 million.

That’s right, because according to the information you gave The Dynamo, The actor asks that the channel recognize the working relationship he had with Escobar.

According to the document, Escobar accuses that his dismissal was “unwarranted and unjustified.” For the same reason, it demands that compensation be paid for lost earnings, declare the dismissal null and void, and that the social benefits and contributions owed be canceled.

According to what the aforementioned media explains, the former host of Rojo was hired by TVN through a legal entity owned by Escobar. According to the lawsuit, the former deputy had a subordinate relationship with the channel, that is, he had to comply with schedules, follow orders and respond directly to a boss.

In addition, it is added that at the time of being fired, TVN did not invoke any grounds contemplated in the Labor Code and neither was it made him sign a settlement.

Álvaro Escobar’s lawsuit

The animator received a monthly salary at the end of the month from $ 8 million. And in this context, one of the first points of the demand is that this sum be paid when being fired without prior notice, to which are added $7.999.999 for two periods of legal holiday (vacation) owed.

For their part, the channel assures that TVN was notified of this lawsuit on August 17, and that they are working to answer it.

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