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Alzheimer Nederland: what if … it is you?

Image: still from commercial.

One in three women in the Netherlands will develop dementia and the chance of dying as a woman from dementia is currently greater than the chance of dying from breast cancer or a heart attack, for example, according to Alzheimer Nederland. Dementia is therefore one of the largest public diseases in the Netherlands. No treatment or medication is yet possible for people with dementia. So money is simply needed for research and the campaign must achieve that.

With the theme ‘what alz …’, the Dutch are confronted with the message and consequences of dementia. What if your best memories disappear one by one? Or if you don’t remember what you just read here?

Patricia Kerckhoff, head of marketing at Alzheimer Nederland, says: “We chose this theme because of the recognizable link to our brand. In addition, it is a simple platform for the entire mix of messages and objectives, both in terms of content and visually. Especially the possibility to create a lot of urgency with this made us enthusiastic. ‘

Lucas Stalman, managing director of De Club, adds: ‘We started a new full-service model with De Club a few years ago, because we believe that the working method of corporate agencies is no longer suitable for today’s world. We are happy with this opportunity for Alzheimer Nederland, because we can now also show what that will yield with a broad national campaign: a simple and powerful campaign construct with a lot of depth.

The campaign will be rolled out on TV, social media and in print. Watch the TV commercial below:

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