Amancio López: «You have to put a voice to the silent majority that is silent before populism»


Given the situation experienced this week in Catalonia, the president of the Hotusa group, Amancio López, considers it "fundamental" to find the "reasons for union" and not continue digging into what separates us. Lopez, who heads the ranking of the 25 leading global hotel consortiums of the American magazine "Hotels Magazine" for the seventh consecutive year, says that "it doesn't solve anything to look for whose fault it is or talk about what can't be done." As an antidote, López points out that "a silent and kindly voice" should be given to that "silent majority that sometimes shuts up before populism."

The president of the Hotusa group, Galician who knows Catalonia very well, since he has built his emporium in 42 years from the city of Barcelona and has been a member of the board of the Circle of Economy; He emphasizes that, at this moment, a turmoil in Catalonia, it is necessary to "defend what really has value and what we agree on." In that sense, he has affirmed in the “Converses” program of COPE Cataluña

and Andorra that this common denominator is lost among the “dogmas and mantras that are repeating populist movements”, which he has described as “simple recipes”.

The Spanish Davos
In the media trail of the success of the first edition of the Atlantic Forum of La Toja, described as the Spanish Davos, Amancio López, organizer of that meeting that offered among other speakers a face-to-face debate between former presidents Felipe González and Mariano Rajoy; He points out that sustainability, especially the economic one because it "sustains others", is a "current value respected by all". He adds that for this type of sustainability to be guaranteed, there must be a series of previews, such as “political and social stability and legal certainty”. Without them, the entrepreneur warns, future plans and investments hang by a thread.

With the first Atlantic Forum of La Toja, held at the beginning of October in one of its hotel facilities on that Galician island, López has sought to create a space for reflection on “everything that unites us and helps defend what we share in 90 % of sensible citizens ”. A "least common denominator" that treasures Europe and that includes the welfare state and the social market economy, "achievements that are not guaranteed." López has insisted on the idea that "peace is stability" and what "generates expectations of future growth". In that sense, Amancio López stresses that “nowhere else in the world has the level of generalized welfare and social justice that has been maintained in Europe been achieved” and that, in order to preserve it, “we must unite” instead of going “ towards more tribal societies where we look for the differentiating elements to have a reason for confrontation. ”

Longing for Olympic consensus
This week of clashes in Catalonia has also commemorated the 33rd anniversary of the proclamation of Barcelona as the venue for the 1992 Olympic Games. On October 17, 1986, from Lausanne (Switzerland), the president of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) , Juan Antonio Samaranch, pronounced the historical phrase: “A la ville de…. Barcelona". In reference to that achievement that was the result of a political, institutional and citizen consensus, López recalled that the Games meant “a transformation not only of Barcelona itself as a city, but also of Catalonia and Spain”, becoming “a showcase that brought huge advantages. " And one of them is that Barcelona is “the most desired city in Europe”. Now, in his opinion, it will be necessary to "defend what really matters" to last.

International expantion

The Hotusa group manages a total of 3,032 associated hotels and 269,760 commercialized rooms. Keytel, the other hotel teacher of the group headed by Amancio López, manages an offer of 1,288 hotels and 136,795 rooms. Meanwhile, Eurostars Hotel Company, Hotusa's own hotel chain, has just closed the purchase operation of the Eurostars Langford 4 * located in the heart of Miami. This is the third establishment of the firm in the United States, where it also owns the Eurostars Wall Street 4 *, located in the financial district of Manhattan (New York) and manages the Eurostars Magnificent Mile 4 *, located on the golden mile of Chicago .

The international expansion of Hotusa has continued in October with the incorporation of two new establishments in Portugal and Colombia. They are the Eurostars Matosinhos 4 *, located in the immediate vicinity of Porto, and the Eurostars Marqués de Villalta 4 *, located in the historic center of Cartagena de Indias (Colombia). With these additions, Portugal is consolidated as the second destination of the chain, with a total of 15 hotels, while its portfolio in Latin America reaches 17 establishments

In Spain, Eurostars Hotels has added two new establishments this October: the Eurostars Málaga 4 * and the Eurostars Acteón 4 *, located in Valencia. Some incorporations that raise to 77 the number of establishments of the own brand of Hotusa in our country, which already has 111 hotels distributed in 15 countries on 4 continents. The company has also announced the acquisition of five hotels in the Greek islands of Corfu, Zante and Crete. . (tagsToTranslate) sdsd


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