Amateur International Open: the opportunity to project new stars


A lot has been written about the benefits that the practice of martial arts and contact sports bring from a young age at a physical and psychological level. Therefore, it is necessary that athletes have platforms to develop their knowledge in different competitions throughout the year.

One of the biggest events that take place in the national territory and where hundreds of competitors from several countries are grouped is the Open Amateur International, which is promoted by the World Kickboxing and Karate Association (WKA) and the International Muay Thai Federation (FIMT). This championship is celebrated this year over three days (May 31, June 1 and 2) and has athletes of very different ages in many disciplines and will take place in the City of Azuqueca Multipurpose Pavilion, in Azuqueca de Henares, in the province of Guadalajara.

«An average of ten countries attending the event is estimated. Among which there are some national selections of them. For this we have set up a campsite where family and friends of participants can spend the three days of competition, "explains Luis Ochoa president and CEO of the Spanish division of WKA / FIMT.

This organization has found the support of certain entities that help to make visible the international championship. «We hope that this Open Amateur International serves as a screen to expose martial arts and contact sports as highly regulated sports modalities, guaranteed and approved. Totally rising and consisting of all the institutional coverage by municipalities and autonomous communities. Where sport is encouraged for all ages and in a family environment, led by a professional team and WKA the oldest body in the world in this sector, which is an additional guarantee, "says Ochoa. This entity continues its struggle to unite all the forces and has recently signed a collaboration agreement with the Official Federation of Madrid Kickboxing to seek a "merger of all groups and hold the full officiality of events, degrees and athletes," according to inform.

There are many athletes who face this event with great enthusiasm because it is a way of projecting themselves to the media landscape and, at the same time, it is a challenge in their level escalation within their sport. "There are thousands and in constant progression the competitors that are dedicated to these disciplines. what promises a very encouraging future and full of success, "says the president of WKA / FIMT.

However, in a country where the so-called sport king, football, leaves little room for the rest, the date has an impediment. "An important handicap has been that this year has coincided the Champions League final with the Open and other agencies have prepared separate events on the same dates, however the attendance will be high of about 350/400 competitors, more technical teams, coaches and companions apart », details Ochoa. "Undoubtedly contact sports and martial arts are in full swing and, despite the end of the Chanpions, different events are being held on the same dates and across the country. This makes it clear that there are thousands and in constant progression the competitors that are dedicated to these disciplines. what promises a very encouraging future and full of successes ", Antonio Antonio Ricobaldi, director of International Relations of the organization that organizes the event. . (tagsToTranslate) open (t) world (t) martial arts (t)


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