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Amaury had to intervene to renew Vega in Chivas – Ruben Rodriguez


Do you remember “Thanks to Amaury for the effort and interest” that Alexis Vega released in his renewal signature in front of Ricardo Peláez? Well, this basically relates to the fact that there were intense talks that lasted months, and that in the beginning more than 10 people were involved including lawyers, representatives, families, landlords, managers, sports intelligence workers at the club , which led to clauses of conduct and discipline for the player, exit clauses, agreements, etc. These ended up breaking the player’s side and the person responsible for the negotiation, which in this case was Ricardo Peláez and his son, who also worked in Chivas as part of the club’s sports intelligence. Both parties ended up tired, angry and what followed, but mostly the player’s party, to the extent of those who managed and represented him decided to ask the player to directly seek to talk and close the negotiation with the team owner, thereby. Amaury Vergara had to intervene harshly, again to close the renewal, agree on the amount and keep his fans happy.

The owner’s intervention occurred as a result of how muddy representatives and Chivas sports parties were in the process, since Guadalajara could not allow Vega to go free, or that Rayados, Tigres or even America would seek him out. the player on the radar in case he did not sign with Chivas. Amaury closed the signing in a few days for his own pleasure and kept the fans happy with the player himself who loves the idea of ​​playing in Guadalajara and Mexico.

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Incredible as it may seem, Guadalajara is looking for a coach, despite the good results he has given in the last part of the tournament and the inside, Ricardo Cadena, however, and as is often the case in recent years in Chivas, is a change . in the direction, because Ricardo Peláez does not seem convinced by the work too and in recent weeks the name of the Uruguayan coach, Diego Aguirre, sounded like an important option for Chivas.

I imagine that the great order of Chivas knows or knows that this coach is known for his past in Qatar and Arabia, that he is supposed to work very well, but until then, and that every tournament was offered in teams renowned, with money and who likes to invest every tournament.

Diego Aguirre, I have no doubt about his ability, offered tournaments after tournaments in Mexico, it sounds more like a business of developers to seek to put their coaches and then start filling with players dictated by who put him , a matter of friendship between director and developer, than in a solution for Chivas or any other team.

It is unbelievable that at this point in the game the team leaders do not glimpse or open their eyes and do not realize or close their eyes that when such a proposal occurs, which was offered in America, Tigres, Juárez, Blue cross and even Toluca, and do not realize that behind the scenes there is a money problem and that it is very constant in the practices of world and Mexican football.

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The situation that Chivas today must care for and ponder above all else, since after the costs failed on enforcement two years ago, the record is not so full and I do not think that the owners of the team are willing to give Peláez it . that by the way, he must be much more intelligent and analytical to make his next decision, since they are one of the most important after his continuous failure and that today they have him against the wall of Chivas.

Although more incredible is the lack of confidence in the advice of what Ricardo Cadena created based on the work and order of his locker, to the point of returning to Chivas to be a competitive team and thanks to what they managed to enter the Liguilla . Today it should be the first and only option to lead Guadalajara in the next tournament, and not offered by the developer, but not a matter of trust held between the coaching staff and the players, backed by results of a clear and they are not fake. The weather promises to have a front microphone, as the managers of Guadalajara style.

Chivas be careful, that there is everything to compete and fight, choosing a bad decision can lead you to your familiar place, on the canvas and watch the abduction of your direct competitors, such as America.


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