Amazing, Hundreds of Bumiputera Insurance Policyholders File Subpoenas! – The case of default of Bumiputera Joint Life Insurance (AJB) entered a new phase earlier this month. Hundreds of Bumiputera policy holders decided to start legal action by making a mass subpoena to the management of AJB Bumiputera with a copy to the Financial Services Authority (OJK) today, Thursday, September 2, 2021.

This first and last summons was given directly to Dena Chaerudin, Director of AJB Bumiputera, on the 21st floor, Bumiputera head office, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta South.

The hundreds of policy holders came from all over Indonesia and gathered in a group called Customer Victims of Failure to Pay or better known as the “Blue Team”.

The summons and supporting documents were submitted by three representatives of the Blue Team and two from HWMA LAW FIRM, who were appointed as legal counsel for the Blue Team.

The Blue Team has sought and demanded the disbursement of long overdue insurance policy claims since 2018, some even since 2017.

The efforts in question, among others, in June 2020 by attending a Hearing Meeting with Commission XI of the DPR RI. Then in October and December 2020, the Blue Team held a demonstration in front of the AJB Bumiputera Head Office, Jakarta, in February 2021 a demonstration at the OJK office, and in March 2021 all policy holders together with OJK held a meeting for the establishment of a Member Representative Body (BPA) which until today This process of formation is never finished.

In addition, the policy holders in the Blue Team almost every day visit the branch offices and regions of AJB Bumiputera throughout Indonesia alternately under the coordinators of Mrs. Fien Mangiri and Rudhi Mukhtar.

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Fien Mangiri, Coordinator of the Blue Team, explained that our efforts both through OJK and BPA AJB Bumiputera to resolve this problem amicably did not receive a positive response. While the necessities of life continue to be urgent and cannot be postponed, because most of our insurance is children’s education funds, we decided to start legal action by mass subpoenaing AJB Bumiputera with a copy of the OJK.

“The hope of this mass subpoena is that the policy holder in question can obtain his rights to the payment of the claim submitted,” said Fien in his written statement, Thursday (2/9).

“Our client did not get a solution to the problem of payment of insurance policy claims either from OJK or BPA AJB Bumiputera. Whereas based on the Insurance Law and Article 40 of the Financial Services Authority Regulation No. 69/2016, insurance companies are required to settle claims payments in at least 30 (thirty) days. Therefore, We decided to subpoena AJB Bumiputera to obtain our clients’ rights to the payment of their insurance policy claims. If this subpoena is not responded to in good faith and a concrete solution, then we will apply for a postponement of the debt payment obligation (PKPU) to the Commercial Court,” added Jofial Mecca Alwis, S. Kom., SH, MH and Indramadhani Taufik, SH from HWMA LAW. FIRM. (mdk/sya)


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