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GridStar.ID – Stacy Blair, a woman from the United States reaps the spotlight after successfully losing weight up to 80 kilograms.

Stacy has a desire to lose weight because she weighs 160 kilograms.

This made him feel afraid for his health.

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“One morning, while I was getting ready for work, I looked in the mirror, and was devastated by what was seen in the glass,” the 30-year-old woman began her story to Good Morning America.

“My health is getting worse, and it hurts more and more difficult, even when I have to move, or stand up,” he said.

“The moment is like changing my mindset, from ‘I want to lose weight to be thin or look cool’ to ‘I want to lose weight because I don’t want to die’.”

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“It’s amazing, I become an inspiration to people, because I’m just an ordinary girl. I just like to remind people not to give up,” he continued.

“We can always restore health. All it takes is patience with yourself and never give up,” said Stacy Blair.

Furthermore, Stacy shared 5 tips for losing weight, as reported from

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1. Find motivation

Stacy says she lost weight before, then failed again, and then got bigger again.

Now, after a long time he realized, the root of the problem was that he was losing weight just to look good in the eyes of others, not because of health reasons.

“I want to be healthy, be active with my younger brothers, and one day want to have children,” she said.

“The motivation was stronger than my reasoning at the time,” Stacy continued.

“It was a big part of finding out why I wanted to lose weight,” she says.

So, we have to find the reasons why it impacts our life and health.

“Make health always the goal,” he said.

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2. Organize food

Stacy Blair started her weight loss journey in September 2017, only with a calorie counter app.

“I just focus on calories just to get an idea of ​​what I’m putting into the body, and what is the right portion size,” he said.

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3. Prepare food

The next thing Blair did was prepare her diet to live on all week.

“Before, I ate a lot of fast food, unhealthy things that were easy to get, pizza, chips, whatever we didn’t really have to prepare beforehand.”

“That’s why meal preparation is such an important part of my trip,” he said again.

Stacy usually prepares two different recipes every weekend – salmon and chicken, for example – which she eats for lunch and dinner throughout the week, with additions such as fresh vegetables.

“I was really strict and weighed everything. When I made this recipe, I knew how much went into the recipe, and how much went into each serving,” he explained.

“I did it with great precision, because I knew if I didn’t plan ahead then I would let myself grab some fast food.”

Furthermore, he also made this issue a family affair. She goes to her parents’ house on the weekends to prepare meals with her mother.

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4. Diet keto

A few months after losing weight, Blair started following a ketogenic diet.

Keto is a very low-carb diet designed to get the body into ketosis.

When ketosis is reached, the body, which is extremely starved of carbohydrates, starts burning fat for fuel.

Stacy said the keto diet made him feel satisfied. He focuses on eating high protein meat and vegetables.

“Keto just happens to suit me,” he said. “I emphasize that to people that any diet can have an impact, because it’s a matter of calories.”

“So, you just need to find what is suitable and can be done in the long term,” he continued.

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5. Focus on diet rather than exercise

Stacy emphasized that most of the weight loss she experienced was due to good food choices, and not exercise.

He had planned to lose 23 kilograms with exercise, but then injured his knee when he started doing it.

As a result, he had to stop these sports activities.

The only types of exercise he does are biking and hiking.

These two activities have been things he has liked for a long time, but they never materialized due to weight problems.

“I can do what I like now,” he said.

“Then I’m not held back by my weight or my health, or the thought of any of those things,” Stacy concluded.

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