Amazon is committed to putting an end to the nuisance around its warehouse in Seynod

After multiple alerts from local residents, Amazon has undertaken to resolve the security problems around its warehouse in Seynod, in Haute-Savoie. The town hall of Annecy says it is attentive to this problem.

Many residents had expressed their fears about the lack of security near Amazon’s new warehouse in Seynod, in Haute-Savoie. Since the opening of the logistics site in early October, some 270 trucks and vans come and go every day in the Branchy district. “and use the public domain as they see fit”, deplored an association of residents with France 3 Alpes.

Faced with this observation, the e-commerce giant has undertaken to put an end to “the anarchy” pointed out by the inhabitants. “Amazon indicates that it has set up a new reception and circulation process for heavy goods vehicles to prevent them from getting lost in residential areas”, informs the city of Annecy in a press release. The deputy mayor of Seynod, Olivier Barry, as well as two deputy mayor of Annecy met with warehouse managers on Friday, November 20.

Olivier Barry said he was attentive “so that the district of Branchy finds the serenity.” Amazon also ensures “having reorganized the arrival of vans so that they no longer park on public roads” with arrivals by wave, reserved parking spaces and the provision of sanitary facilities. The association Vivre à Branchy deplored, with supporting photos, that delivery men pollute the surrounding fields.

“The Amazon logistics site in the Branchy district is very recent and we are still in a period of adjustment”, recognized the management, contacted by France 3 Alpes. “I take note of the commitments made by Amazon but the city will remain vigilant and demanding because the company must prove that it will keep its commitments over time to put an end to the nuisances suffered by local residents”, adds the ecological mayor of Annecy, François Astorg, quoted in a press release.

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