Amazon launched an online drug sales service for the United States | Health | Magazine

Amazon will offer the service of home delivery of medicines and advice 24 hours in the United States. It is the Pharmacy service, which will use the software and logistics centers of Pillpack, a company that was acquired two years ago by this e-commerce company, for 753 million dollars.

Those who use Pharmacy will enter health insurance information to request medications and choose various payment options. “In the US market, it will compete with large traditional pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens, as well as other retail players that offer drug sales, like Walmart,” he said Infobae.

To start, the service will be available in 45 states in that country and will work with most health insurance. Those who are not insured will have discounts on the purchase of medicines. It is ensured that medical personnel will be behind each order to guarantee that there will be no fraud.

Since 2019, Amazon already offered over-the-counter drug delivery. Now, taking advantage of the pandemic and the interest of people to maintain physical distance, this new tool would allow the service to be expanded.

“As more and more people look to do their daily purchases from home, adding the pharmaceutical business is important and necessary for Amazon’s online store,” said Doug Herrington, Amazon’s senior vice president of consumer goods.

The online pharmacy offering is expected to expand to other countries and reach revenues of $ 131 billion in five years. Meanwhile, the prescription of medicines would generate $ 904,000 million.

In addition to this service, Amazon offers the sale and distribution of food, with its Fresh company and the Whole Foods chain of stores. Following the launch of Pharmacy, shares of other rival companies fell between 3.9% and 7%, the publication added. (I)

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