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Amazon launches a new version of the contest that encourages self-publishing «Diario y Radio U Chile

Self-publishing is undoubtedly one of the biggest literary trends today. While since Gutenberg’s time writers have been able to independently publish their works, now thanks to new technological platforms millions of works around the world are available just a click away.

Self-publishing of books is one of the digital trends that are at the forefront, since it allows creators to have full control of their work. This can be done thanks to platforms such as Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), which makes your works available to readers around the world.

That is the goal that Amazon seeks: to get more and more read, making reading a daily habit and a cultural and entertainment option as appealing as others. According to Andrea Pasino, head of Kindle Direct Publishing Spain, France and Italy, Amazon’s idea is “to offer readers options and make it easier for them to enjoy books in any format.”

The number of writers who have chosen to publish through Kindle Direct Publishing has been on the rise in recent years. In fact, for 8 years, Amazon has been pushing the award Amazon Storyteller to discover new talents. In the 2020 edition of the award, 5,500 works were nominated, double the number in the 2019 edition. Since the contest began in 2014, more than 10,000 originals written by authors from up to 40 different countries have been submitted. In the eighth edition of 2021, whose Call is open for works in Spanish until August 31, the prize includes about $ 6,000 in cash and a marketing campaign valued at approximately $ 24,000.

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Why have more writers opted for the self-publishing system?

Para Andrea Pasino, there is an evolution in literary consumption influenced by new technological trends. “With KDP, independent authors can publish their books in a matter of minutes in both digital and print formats, making them available to millions of customers around the world,” explains the executive, adding that “the ability to maintain full control of their work and of maintaining up to 70% of the income from the sale of books is one of the main reasons why more and more Authors choose KDP ”.

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Pamela Diaz, who writes under the pseudonym Hilda Correa, is a Chilean writer who has been publishing through KDP for 7 years, with more than 16 works on the platform and has sold more than 1,560 copies with more than 2,250,000 pages read on Kindle . “Being in the Kindle Direct Publishing program has benefited me a lot to get more royalties and reach more readers, my novels are available on paper and digital, and I use extended sale, so I can reach countries where I could not,” he says. .

Cristian Perfumo is an Argentine writer winner of the Amazon Storyteller Award in 2017 with the book of The Arrow Collector. For Perfumo, “winning such an award gave me a lot of visibility. Readers from all over the world decided to give my novels a try, and some of them continue to read me to this day. Winning this contest coincided with taking the most important step in my career as a writer and being able to make a living from this. “

Many of these freelance writers have a demanding work team, which ensures the quality of the text and subjects it to the same stages that the work would go through in traditional channels. Yes OK the figure of the conventional editor remains fundamental, There are many examples in the history of literature that they do not always have a keen nose to recognize great talents or bestsellers. The first editions of classics like Sense and Sensibility O Emma They were funded by their author, Jane Austen, and the rejection of the first manuscript in the Harry Potter saga by up to 12 publishers is legendary.

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