Amazon, the European tour of Raoni Metuktire


On Friday 17 May in Brussels, 650 people took part in the 19th Climate Walk organized by Youth For Climate. The march was marked by the presence, at the beginning of the course, of the indigenous leader Raoni Metuktire, known for his fight in favor of the Amazon rainforest and its biodiversity.

"Why are we killing ourselves? "

"I came here because I am very concerned about the destruction of the forest, trees and animals. I come here to ask for your help for the protection of the forest »said the Brazilian youth activist before the departure of the procession from Brussels Central. "Spirits are watching us and wondering why we are killing ourselves. Why do you kill yourself? ".

Brazil, a country shaken by corruption cases

The native chief completes a three-week tour of Europe. Its goal is to launch an SOS with the public and the leaders to save the Great Reserve of Xingu, a biodiversity territory of 180 000 km2, about one third of France. "I am looking for a million euros, especially to finance bamboo-based plant walls, to delimit the Xingu Great Reserve, which is constantly being intruded by lumber and animal traffickers, gold diggers and poachers. , who come to hunt on our land while it is our supermarket to us ", Raoni explained in an interview published Thursday by The Parisian.

A summit of indigenous populations planned for 2020 in France

After Belgium, Chief Raoni will travel to Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Italy and the Vatican, where an interview is planned with the pope, according to the association Forêt Virgo whose Raoni is the honorary president.

Our special issue dedicated to the synod on the Amazon

Thursday, May 16th, Emmanuel Macron received Raoni Metuktire, accompanied by three other Amazonian chiefs Kaïlu, Tapy Yawalapiti and Bemoro Metuktire. He assured them of France's support in their fight. On the occasion of this meeting, the Elysee announced that France was planning to host an international summit of indigenous peoples around the world, probably in June 2020.

Raoni's tour comes after Jair Bolsonaro's arrival in Brazil in January, which wants to end what he calls "Shiite ecologist activism". Deforestation, which had dropped in the Amazon from 2004 to 2012, is off again. Over the last 12 months, deforestation has increased by 24%. "Lung of the planet", the Amazon has 40,000 species of plants, 3,000 freshwater fish, nearly 1,300 birds, 370 reptiles.

A fight between Raoni and Sting

Over 80 years old, Raoni Metuktire is the spokesman of the 7,000 people kayapo people. He became known through a documentary film by Jean-Pierre Dutilleux, nominated for the Oscars in 1977, and then by his meeting with singer Sting who visited him in 1987 in Xingu. Together they create the Rainforest Foundation.

Journey to the heart of the peoples of Amazonia

Raoni's tour with Sting in seventeen countries from April to June 1989 allows him to spread his message on a global scale. He is one of the first international personalities to ask, as of November 2013, the international recognition of the crime of ecocide. Thanks to the funds it mobilizes by its notoriety, was held in October 2017 in Brasilia the first great international assembly of the Alliance of the guardians of Mother Nature.


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