Ambulance and SMURD tablets – how the intervention crews will help

Ambulance and SMURD vehicles will be equipped with tablets to collect, store and electronically transmit patients’ medical data, the Emergency Department said.

The introduction of tablets aims both to facilitate the activity of doctors, nurses and paramedics, as well as to improve the entire emergency system.

“Simple, intuitive and fast. These are just some of the features of the new electronic system that will be used by doctors, nurses and paramedics starting this year. The use of tablets will make work easier and will bring better care to patients in the long run.

The project is carried out by the Special Telecommunications Service, with European funds, and is being tested at the Ambulance and SMURD Services “, the Department for Emergency Situations transmitted on Facebook.

Dr. Hadrian Borcea, head of UPU / SMURD Oradea, said that the use of tablets allows a clearer communication between the dispatcher and the crew, thus ensuring a prompt start in the mission, but also the correction of possible errors, because “not once Branului street was Bradului Street “.

“An extremely important aspect of this system, which links all emergency services, is the ability to communicate and transmit written information between these services.

For example, if we are at the home of a patient, 40 km from Bucharest, and we want to bring him to a hospital in the Capital, from the moment the transfer decision is made, the information can be transmitted extremely simply, through a simple selection of the hospital “, also shows Dr. Borcea.

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Recently, the Ministry of Internal Affairs also announced that it will carry out, in Bucharest and in the counties of Constanta and Brasov, a pilot project through which the public order crews operating in the field will use tablets.


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