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Ammayana thanks the people who saved Kuttiyana – Video

The most painful moment for them is when their children are in danger, be they animals or humans. Lifelong indebtedness to those who care for children in such situations. Now, a video of a mother expressing her gratitude to the people who saved her baby from a big accident is filling up on social media. These scenes are from the Sao National Park in Kenya.

The baby fell into a ditch while walking with his mother. Such accidents are common during herds of elephants. Mother elephants, with the help of other elephants, pull the cubs out. But that was not the case here. No matter how hard the herd of elephants tried to get the cub out of the pit, it did not work. Eventually the attempt was abandoned and all the elephants except the mother elephant left.

By then, officials from the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust had arrived at the scene. They saw the mother-in-law running fast around the pit, unable to save the baby. When the mother realizes that her last attempt to save the baby has failed in these situations, she leaves them in the pits and returns. When the herd realized that the herd could not save the baby, the authorities started trying to save the baby without things moving towards such a situation.

Officers pulled the baby out with the help of a vehicle. But the footage of this has not been copied. By this time Ammayana, who had seen the man, had moved a little farther. The escaped child was lovingly chased by the officers to his mother’s side. The video shows the mother running towards the lost baby, happy to be back.

Unable to contain her joy, Ammayana raised her trunk several times and called out to Chinnam. The explanation is that this may have been an expression of gratitude to those who saved her baby. After calling Chinnam several times, Ammayana returned to the forest with her cub.

Sheldrick Trust officials have rescued several puppies in the area in the past. However, this is not the first time that elephants have been seen thanking humans for rescuing them. In October last year, footage emerged of a puppy showing its love by wrapping its trunk around the feet of a forest ranger who had rescued her from danger.

English Summary: Elephant Mom Thanks Rescuers By Making Trumpet Sounds After They Saved Her Trapped Baby From Well

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