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An acquaintance of the youngest patients who died of Covid-19 shares an emotional record

Journalist and writer Elīna Lāce, who personally knew the youngest patients who died of coronavirus in Latvia, shared an emotional post on the social network Facebook.

“No, I still have to write. I have lived for a long time with the feeling that I am watching a poorly staged show, but I can no longer remain silent. At least because of Liene’s memory,” Lace begins the recording.

She reveals that she lost an acquaintance because of Covid-19: “I knew Lien very little, but our lives intersected in an event where we were literally not only a meter, but even many meters above the ground – in a hot air balloon flight. Lien and I were next door.She didn’t fly for the first time.She flew because she knew she liked to fly in a hot air balloon.

I, suffering from the need to document life, up there, immortalized both of us. “It was a pleasure to be together,” Liene wrote when I later sent her this picture. She wrote that she thought of repeating the balloon flight in the winter. I agreed that it was not a bad idea, and we laughed that in the imagination, of course, we see a white winter with mighty coupes, not muddy. Liene joked that it is also muddy if she is so lucky to land softly in a larger puddle. “If the team starts to form for the winter in the autumn, I’ll take part!” I told her then. “So get in touch!” Liene replied.

The autumn party has arrived, an unwanted landing has taken place, and its puddle has gathered large and deep…

Liene, if I ever fly in a hot air balloon (and maybe even in winter…), I will do it in your memory. I will even put a face mask in remembrance of you, and when I find it a little stuffy under the mask, I will remember that it is a great happiness to still be able to breathe and be. “

Lace sharply targets those who avoid wearing face masks in public places. “You who have been saying suspicion or even bravery for months that you don’t know anyone with COVID-19! Do you realize what it was like to be very happy – not to know anyone with COVID-19 ?! This is the day when many of us living in Talsi not only know someone who is ill, but also know someone who has died from this disease, and I would very, very well have wished that such a day would never come.

It is quite expected that now all those who will not be able to show that this person has had lung diseases before will wake up. The fact that they have already woken up can be seen in the comments next to the LTV News Service entry. Oh, you lucky people whose medical history is as thin as a greeting card! You, guys, who don’t have to avoid disease because disease avoids you! You who do not need to wear face masks, because all diseases put on face masks, seeing you!… “

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The person who died of Covid-19 who died last day is Liene Liepa, the acting chairperson of the Talsi County Orphan’s Court, according to the information at the disposal of LETA.

Liepa was initially admitted to the North Kurzeme Regional Hospital in Ventspils, but later transferred to a hospital in Riga, where she died last day.

Liepa was appointed the acting chairperson of the Talsi County Orphan’s Court after the resignation of the chairperson of the Orphan’s Court Jolanta Feldmane in the summer. Liepa was one of the vice-presidents of the Orphan’s Court.

It has already been reported that on Thursday the largest number of new cases of Covid-19 so far was registered in Latvia – 148 infected, according to the data compiled by the SPKC. A person infected with Covid-19 in the age group of 30 to 35 also died last day.

4759 Covid-19 examinations were performed during the last day, which is one of the highest numbers of tests performed per day. Meanwhile, a total of 382,949 examinations have been performed in Latvia so far, 3,204 persons have fallen ill and 1,329 have recovered.

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