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an almost perfect operation, our impressions

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: an almost perfect operation, our impressions

GHOST RECON BREAKPOINT – The new Ubisoft title is finally out. This new installment in the Ghost Recon saga makes a good sequel to Wildlands with pleasant gameplay despite some flaws. Here are our impressions.

The essential

What to think of this new installment of Ghost Recon, inspired directly in the gameplay by its predecessor? Are the different additions and scenarios enough to make it good? Are the improvements relevant? On the occasion of the release of Ghost Recon Breakpoint, discover our impressions of this new opus below.

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15:02 – Which class to select?

In Ghost Recon Breakpoint, you have 4 classes at your disposal, and you have to choose one. If you play with friends, the choice is simple and you will easily adapt to your playmates. But for solo, you will have to choose between the Doctor, the Assault, the Panther and the Sniper. For solo play, it is strongly advised to play Assault or Panther, depending on whether you prefer to bet on discretion or firepower. Here is a list of basic skills:


  • Class Ability: Healing Drone – Heals and Resuscitates Teammates
  • Class item: Care kit – quickly heals large wounds
  • Passive Class Skills: Faster Resuscitation, Transport Bodies Faster, and Resuscitate Yourself Faster


  • Class Ability: Fearless – reduces recoil and increases resistance to damage
  • Class Item: Gas Grenade – Creates an area that deals damage over time
  • Passive Class Skills: Extra Life and Bonuses with Assault Rifles and Shotguns


  • Class capacity: Subterfuge – a smoke screen makes you disappear
  • Class object: Stealth spray – makes the user undetectable by drones
  • Passive class skills: Stealth bonus, accelerated movement, handgun mufflers and submachine guns do not reduce damage


  • Class ability: Armor piercing – bullets have damage bonus
  • Class item: Sensor Launcher – marks enemies over a wide perimeter
  • Passive class skills: hold your breath longer when aiming, bonus with sniper rifles

14:01 – How to personalize your weapons?

To customize your weapons in Ghost Recon Breakpoint, simply go to them in your menu and press G (default) to open the customization menu. Obviously, the accessories of your weapons will not be available from the start and you can buy them at Erewhon, your base camp. If you don’t want to spend your hard-earned credits, you can always search for these accessories in the wild by rummaging through chests scattered around the map.

13:20 – When will the first event take place?

Beginning in late October, the first Ghost Recon Breakpoint event will take place on Auroa Island for all players. This event will bring the Terminator T-800 to Auroa Island and you will need to stop it with your squad. This is not the first time that emblematic characters from movies have been introduced in Ghost Recon, we especially remember the Predator in Ghost Recon Wildlands.

12:39 – A multiplayer too locked by its gameplay

Finally, the multiplayer of Ghost Recon Breakpoint suffers the faults of the solo. If the concept of 4v4 is interesting, we nevertheless regret the rigidity of the gameplay which greatly limits movements and combat possibilities. While the balance of many aspects of the gameplay is still questionable, there are nonetheless beneficial changes compared to the previous version of the game mode, especially in terms of Time to Kill which has been greatly reduced.

12:08 – Improved graphics but disappointing animations

Compared to Wildlands, we feel the graphic improvement with Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The details on the map and the surroundings are more than remarkable, with much less empty and wild areas than in Wildlands. We thus find ourselves in a mixture between nature and technology which blends perfectly into the environment. As for the characters, we notice a very deep sense of detail on the faces, which leaves a lot of room for the characters to express themselves and this therefore facilitates their emotional development. The black dot on the board returns to the animations which are far from being refined. If we recognize that the movement animations are interesting and adapt well to the environment in which the player moves, we nevertheless notice a great rigidity when it comes to combat. Not only is the aim complicated, especially in third person (we often find ourselves shooting next to the viewfinder, which is annoying), but the ragdolls are strangely fixed. We then end up more than once with bodies frozen in the same position when we moved them. This is probably an error that will soon be corrected, but which is currently hampering the immersion so far so successful.

11:23 – A neat scenario

Side story, we feel a desire to give much more depth to the script of Ghost Recon Breakpoint compared to that of Wildlands, which, if he had a charismatic antagonist, lacked scriptwriting interest. In the new title, we’re trying to get the player’s emotions and, above all, to erase a little Manichaeism that was too present in the previous game. But be careful, just a little, since we are still in the presence of an installation of military dictatorship. The characters, meanwhile, are treated in an interesting way but the performance of Jon Bernthal exceeds that of all and we quickly feel that the character has been much more worked than the others.

10:27 – Disappointing artificial intelligence

The artificial intelligence of Ghost Recon Breakpoint is not that great. The improvement promised at this level is not necessarily felt, with for example opponents unable to climb ladders or take distance. The power of AI comes mainly from its number and its weaponry. The only danger really comes from over-armed drones, as well as reconnaissance drones, which work in coordination and are above all not afraid to overtake you. As always, when your approach is methodical and slow and if you focus on stealth, you will have no trouble defeating any humanoid opponent.

09:58 – What are the differences between Breakpoint and Wildlands?

Unlike Wildlands, your progress is limited by levels and you will not be able to browse the entire map by fumbling over anything that moves. The first thing that strikes you in Breakpoint is the increased difficulty. Unlike Wildlands, each opponent approach must be made after weighing each possibility, and retirement is an option that you will consider more than once. But if humans remain easy targets to defeat (at least at first), drones are another twist. Solid, with heavy weapons and long-range projectiles, it will not be an easy task to overcome it. Wolves on the other hand, sold as the ultimate enemies, are only humans (and above all artificial Intelligence) and it is easy to overcome them.



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Two years after the very good Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ubisoft continues the effort started in Bolivia by improving the formula that made the success of the previous episode. After a superb modern episode in Bolivia, the franchise renews with the anticipation which made the success of the series. Here, the plot is based on scientific breakthroughs in AI by a company: Skell Technology. The Wolves decided to take control of an island that belonged to the company, and to make it a military bastion at the cutting edge of technology. At the head of the Wolves: Cole D. Walker, a former Ghost and comrade-in-arms of Nomad, interpreted by Jon Bernthal. The character was introduced to the franchise during the Oracle operation in Ghost Recon Wildlands, and we could see on this occasion his own sense of morality, and which pushed him to take up arms against Skell Tech .

In Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Jon Bernthal, the actor who played Shawn in The Walking Dead or The Punisher, plays Lieutenant Colonel Cole D. Walker. This character is introduced during additional missions in Ghost Recon Wildlands. This character is a very good fighter, and his numerous feats of arms enabled him to rise in rank up to Lieutenant Colonel of the Ghosts. But the mission in Bolivia did not go very well, since he lost two men there, whom he considered to be coldly sacrificed by his superiors. He will develop an increasingly strong resentment against both the army, but also Skell Technology, the company that sold the weapons that were used to kill his comrades. This is his main motivation that we know about him. He therefore gathered around him faithful comrades to form a para-military group: the Wolves. With them, he captured Auroa, an island in the Pacific south of New Zealand, privatized by Skell Tech. There, he took over the company’s production and militarized the island to control all of its production. It is therefore a well prepared opponent, and one who knows the Ghosts well that will have to be faced during Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

The game was revealed on May 9, 2019 and Ubisoft, at E3, insisted that the developers would work hand in hand with the community. This is why the studio decided to bring back the AI ​​companions for solo players, contrary to what was initially planned. But this love for the community is above all shown by the “Delta company”. Subdivided into 5 parts, the Delta company is made to allow content creators and fans to share and interact directly with developers about the game.

Playable, like the previous opus, alone or in cooperation, the game promises to always offer a wide variety of weapons, equipment, classes, and possibilities of approach. But no question of abusing the fight this time. If in Bolivia you were the wolf and the sicarios the lambs, in Auroa you are the prey. This opus puts particular emphasis on survival with the need to hydrate, eat and rest regularly, otherwise your character will tire more quickly. Another novelty, the damage will be localized, allowing enemies to injure the player in specific places, handicapping the latter in his movements and his possibilities until he heals, locally once again. If this mechanism can be pleasant on paper, its repeatability and its simplicity could make it anecdotal. In cooperation, this time, there is no longer any question of magically putting an ally who has had his chest punctured by a 7.62mm bullet back on his feet, but rather of dragging him to the shelter so that he can heal his injuries.

Auroa is an island halfway between total wilderness and post-modern architecture in harmony with nature, visible when you come across laboratories perfectly embedded in the forest, not denoting the decor, despite the materials used. 11 Biomes are promised within Auroa, which announces an absolutely gigantic play area. The battles meanwhile seem to be in the vein of Ghost Recon Wildlands with a perfectly classic AI, compensating for its imprecision by brute force and the weight of the number. However, this may be a different story when it comes to facing the Wolves, who are said to be all former elite soldiers assembled under the command of Cole D. Walker.

Now remains at Ubisoft to keep us in suspense until the release of the game scheduled for the October 4, 2019, which shouldn’t be difficult given the promises made. In addition, with the release announced at the end of the year, prices are already available and no less than 4 editions are planned, ranging from the standard at 59.99 € to the collector at 179.99 €. Pre-ordering the game will also grant you guaranteed access to the game’s Beta. The game is guaranteed for several years following the release with free content and updates, which can even be imagined by the community, like for example a mission on a Terminator theme which was teased during the E3 conference.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint – Released October 4, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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