An amazing Alfa Romeo 3.5l V10 engine is for sale!

You could say that the engine is to some extent the heart of the car, the most ardent car lunatics even claim to be its soul. And there is some truth to that, because it is the engine that often determines the overall character of the car. Almost every car manufacturer has ever built an engine that it can be justifiably proud of. It is a kind of gem, a showcase of technologies of the time. Toyota, and therefore Lexus has a bitten V10 from the LFA type, BMW has an iconic twelve-cylinder, which powered the former fastest car in the world, and Ford, for example, became famous for its iconic eight-cylinder.

The engine known as the Tipo 1035 found its way into the demonic Alfa 164 Procar, which did not match the F1 cars at the time:

In the case of the Alfa Romeo, it is, if we omit the “Busso” six-cylinder fork, this engine. 3.5-liter ten-cylinder fork, capable of up to 620 horsepower. Alfa developed it in the late 1980s for use in Formula 1 – it was originally intended to power Ligier cars, but disagreements between the two sides eventually caused the entire 15 units produced to lie idle.

But Italians have always been able to improvise. At first it occurred to them that the engine would be used in the Procar series, the accompanying series of the then F1, and so they stuffed this monster under the hood of the Alfa 164. But this series was eventually canceled because only BMW competed with its M1 Procar. Before that, however, the 164 Procar made a few exhibition rides on the Monza circuit in 1988, where, according to contemporary sources and eyewitnesses, this re-engined sedan was noticeably faster than the F1 cars of the time due to lower drag-and-body body resistance. Riccardo Patrese was behind the wheel.

Then Alfa showed interest in the Group C’s sports prototypes. The beautiful Alfa Romeo SE 048SP was created at the time, which was to be powered by this fascinating engine room. But what the hell did not want – the management of the carmaker saw greater potential in the DTM, and so the funds went to the development of the racing Alfa 155.

Unfortunately, the motor jewel did not get a chance. But who would like, can now buy it in an online auction, which ends this Friday at 9 am – so far the highest bid is £ 4,850 (almost CZK 150,000). It is not necessary to use it to power a car, although this variant is directly offered. This engine room could easily decorate more than one living room with pride.


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