Thursday, 13 Dec 2018

An anti-McDonald’s “ZAD” on the island of Oléron

Fierce determined to prevent the establishment of a McDonald’s restaurant on his land, Dolus-d’Oléron launches this weekend its “ZAD”: “Zone d ‘ sustainable food “. Behind this acronym is the first “Spring of Sustainable Food”, a three-day “citizen and culinary-artistic” event designed to defend organic farming and short circuits. Are expected – among others – Joel Labbé, Senator EELV of Morbihan and author of the law on the ban on pesticides on the public space, and Xavier Denamur, Paris restaurant owner and activist of short circuits.

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An agricultural incubator

“We want to put the food policy at the center of municipal action and expand it to public, private and associative actors”, explains the mayor, Gregory Gendre (DVG), who wants to develop on the site of this ZAD – a former summer camp – an “agricultural incubator” to train future market gardeners and provide Dolus school canteen.

300 euros daily penalty

This ZAD is also a nod to the fight since 2014 against McDonald’s. The municipality still refuses to grant him a building permit and prefers to pay 300 euros daily penalty rather than giving in. The appeal of this decision will be judged in mid-July. Last week, death threats were tagged on the home of one of the owners of the land coveted by McDonald’s. The subject deeply divides the local population.

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