An anticipated black Friday with 4 100GB packages at great prices from our network operators

The black Friday arrives in France in 8 days already! But why wait until this date to launch crazy promos Our dear network operators have no doubt wondered, who “anticipate a little” by launching in turn promotions with an envelope of 100GB of data. All this to allow everyone in this somewhat “special” period no doubt not to ask questions and to use their smartphone almost at will! Sosh by Orange, Free, RED by SFR et B&You So a battle is being fought on the cheap no-obligation niche and with 100GB of data, look!

RED by SFR has drawn a 100GB promo for € 15

At RED by SFR, a new mobile phone plan in promo appeared this week, more exactly Tuesday morning with 100GB of data and a crazy additional fixed price of 15 € per month, all without obligatory duration of commitment to respect. RED by SFR allows you to use your internet envelope from 100GB on the SFR 4G network with the possibility of accessing an additional 10GB each month for your travels in the European Union or in the overseas departments. With this formula at promotional price, you will benefit unlimited calls, SMS and MMS from Metropolitan France, the EU and the overseas departments.

B & You 100GB at € 14.99 while waiting for Black Friday

Bouygues did not wait too long to follow RED and that very evening launched a new 100GB promo at € 14.99 per month and without obligation. Two formulas in the end quite similar. Big point of difference all the same: The network! With B & You, you will access the Bouygues Telecom network and you will not have a price that changes after 6 months or a year either.

bouygues package 100Go

You can therefore subscribe to a B & You 100GB package at only € 14.99 per month until next 23/11, and enjoy a nice web volume each month as well as unlimited communications. You actually have unlimited calls and SMS in France but also when traveling in Europe and overseas departments with these two subscriptions. MMS sent from these areas are deducted from the web envelope authorized each month from these destinations. Regarding data, the B & You subscription at € 14.99 per month, offers 100Go 4G in France and the web volume granted during your trips in Europe and DOM is 10GB per month.

This promotional price offer is reserved for new subscribers within the framework of a new line opening. The universal SIM card payable on order costs € 10.

Free 100GB in Private sale … but not only

While the operator Free yesterday changed its Free 70Go series to an 80Go package for the same price, it always presents in parallel via its partner Veepee, a private sell with a free refurbished Apple iPhone 7 smartphone. On the one hand, the operator markets on its website a 100GB package at € 19.99 without commitment or via private sale this same package but subject to a 24-month commitment. This mobile phone plan includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS in France and to landlines in more than 100 destinations. Note that if you have subscribed to the Freebox you will benefit from a monthly discount of € 4 or even € 10 if it is the new Freebox POP!

free package

SOSH 100GB special series at € 20.99

Admittedly a little more expensive than the 3 others named previously, at SOSH, we see further however, because until 14/12 next, it is a 100GB subscription valid without condition of duration that you can find in the catalog, and all this by benefiting from Orange’s n ° 1 network.

100go sosh package

This Sosh maxi data limited series you will benefit from communications via unlimited calls and SMS / MMS within France. From Europe and the overseas departments, you will also be able to communicate without limits via calls and text messages to these destinations, as well as to France During your travels in these areas, your Internet envelope will pass through 15 Go. L’subscription is non-binding, you will therefore not be blocked by any contract or termination fees that would prevent you from going elsewhere to pay less for example. The monthly rate of € 20.99 per month is valid even after 1 year, no rate increase is in effect provided here.

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