An application from Chanel that helps you choose the right lip color for you

Chanel has launched a free app for Apple devices called “Lip Scanner”, which allows you to find the best lip shades to match your outfit.

With this new app, users can scan any item they want to find a matching lipstick for it, it could be a red apple, an orange dress, pink flowers, or whatever you want to find a close match for.

The app then shows you the best Chanel lipstick that matches that color, before letting you see it on your face to test whether it works for you or not. The app is also smart enough to show how the various finishes on the lips will look.

The application features the ability to move the lips while the user moves in the camera as well, so that he can see how the color looks on the lips when speaking. The program also learns about different skin colors and lip shapes.

According to Chanel, the app offers an intuitive, smooth and fast experience, enabling users to scan any color they like and choose their lipstick colors.

The app, which Chanel claims will “find the perfect color for you,” will be updated within seconds, with a new lipstick added to the company’s plan, according to the Metro website.

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