An arcade of the abbey of Villers hit by a truck

Tuesday morning, a truck delivering an 11-ton piece for the ongoing railway site on the Villers abbey site hit the Porte de Namur door while backing up. Blue stones shifted but they did not fall to the ground. However, the stability of part of this monumental gate of bricks and blue stones is compromised, and urgent measures had to be taken to strengthen it. A specialized company will be on site this Tuesday afternoon to install props.

Traffic is therefore completely cut off under this door which dates from 1725 and spans the cobblestone path connecting the abbey to the Notre-Dame des Affligés chapel and to Mellery. Barriers have been put up to materialize the ban.

Some of the trucks serving the site passed under this door, which is certainly very narrow, but higher than the railway bridge that they must cross if they arrive on the abbey side. The work is not interrupted following this accident.

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