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An Argentine track appeared in the Barcelona scandal

Explodes the FC BarcelonaI mean. Added to the forced resignations of six club officers was the announcement that the reformed Board of Directors of President Josep María Bartomeu will initiate criminal actions against ex-service Emili Rousaud and the revelation that three Argentine technology companies they are involved in the scandal.

The BarcaGate emerged when Catalan media revealed that the company had been hired l3Ventures to create an account Facebook from which current and former management directors, stars of the past such as Pep GuardiolaAnd Xavi Hernández and to figures from the current squad as Lionel Messi and Gerard Piqué. It will be remembered, at the time, the fierce criticism that Messi launched at managers.

The revelation produced an earthquake in the offices, Bartomeu’s request that six managers resign. Among them Rousaud, who long ago appeared as his candidate to succeed him after the 2021 elections since Bartomeu cannot stand for re-election. But Rousaud harshly criticized the president and said an explosive phrase about the payment to l3Ventures: “Someone put his hand in the can.” And he suggested that the payment funds had come from financial rinsings from the board.

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According to the newspaper Sport, l3Ventures billed 297,000 euros whose funds would have come out of the quarry’s budget, although 99,000 were not paid because the scandal broke.

This Monday the Què T’hi Jugues program of BE Catalunya, revealed the name of other companies, in addition to l3 Ventures, whose administrator is Carlos Rafael Ibañez Constantino, to “slice up” the payments or be used as screens. Is about Tantra, whose manager is Juan Carlos Vera Zanotti, who lives in Madrid. They also feature Digital Side and Big Data Solutions, the three with domicile declared in Olivos, Vicente López’s party.

There is also the Spanish NSG Social Science Ventures and finally Futuric, based in Uruguay.

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The issue is under the audit of Price Waterhouse and its result is eagerly awaited (and in some cases with fears) to elucidate the way in which companies that define themselves as “information technology consultants” were hired. The press, meanwhile, long before PW’s conclusion is released, has high suspicions that these are actually “sister companies” and run by the same people. It is not far-fetched.

Meanwhile, the 13 men who were in charge of Barcelona met by teleconference and have already started the complaint against Rousaud because of “the serious and unfounded accusations made. The Board categorically denies any action that could be classified as corruption. Barcelona cannot tolerate these accusations, “according to the club statement.

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