Wednesday, 16 Jan 2019

An Arizona school district has banned a state representative from its campuses after stating that African Americans "do not mingle"

In this photo of June 27, 2018, David Stringer, Republican member of the House of Representatives of Arizona, expresses at a community forum in Phoenix after suffering a violent reaction by claiming that the Is an "existential threat" to the United States. (Ross D. Franklin / AP) An Arizona lawmaker who suggested that only white immigrants have been successfully assimilated to American society has been banned from the larger school district of the community that he represents , according to a letter sent to parents and teachers Wednesday. State representative David Stringer (right) is expected to resign since last Friday, when the Phoenix New Times published an audio recording of him speaking with a group of students from Arizona State University who had approached him after a lecture. The Republican legislator had stated that "the diversity in our country is relatively new," prompting a student to remind him of the first waves of immigration from Italy and Ireland. "They were all Europeans," Stringer replied. "So, after their second or third generation, everyone looks alike. Everyone is talking the same thing. But this is not the case for African Americans and other racial groups because they do not merge. They never blend. They always look different. Later, when a student pointed out that Polish immigrants had been discriminated against when they first arrived in the United States, Stringer replied, "The difference between the US-Polish immigrant and the immigrant," he said. Somali immigrant resides in the fact that the second generation Polish immigrant looks like the Irish kid, the German kid and all the others. But this is not the case of the Somali immigrant. These comments did not please the Humboldt Unified School District, which serves approximately 5,700 students in the rural and conservative Yavapai County. According to the Daily Courier, Superintendent Dan Streeter sent a letter to parents, teachers and administrators announcing that Stringer would no longer be welcome at one of the 10 campuses in the district and that he was prohibited from participating in forums or other events related to the school. "Mr. Stringer has highlighted a set of unacceptable public comments that confirm that he is unable to meet the minimal expectations that our directors, board members, teachers, support staff and families have established. for the participants of our educational community, "he wrote." Considered in their best light, these comments can be interpreted as incredibly insensitive, but a simple reading reveals blatant racism. "Stringer was not able to to be contacted for comment, but defended his remarks at a town council meeting held Thursday night in his legislative district. "I think everything I've said – if you look at what I'm saying, said – is arguable, that it is true, that it is factually accurate, that it can be substantiated by academic research, "he said. he had received 67,023 votes In the November elections, the second highest member of the House of Representatives of Arizona, Stringer said he had "no intention to resign". "I will not deprive thousands of people of the people who just brought me back to the office a month ago," he said. Prior to moving to Arizona and first elected to the state legislature in 2016, Stringer, who had worked as a lawyer in the Washington, DC area, repeatedly lamented the demographic changes in the state. -United. Speaking at a public forum as a candidate in 2016, he said, "I think immigration is a huge problem. It destroys our country, it tears us, it will inevitably lead – if we do nothing – the result in a kind of civil disorder and a dissolution of the United States as we know it. The following year, he published a column of opinion in the Prescott eNews, an online publication of which he is the co-owner of the parent company, concluding as follows: States may be the first nation in the world. history to voluntarily give up its traditional culture and its national identity to other peoples. We are only beginning to suffer the consequences. In June, the Republican lawmaker made headlines when he described immigration as an "existential threat to the United States." President of the Republican Party of Arizona, Jonathan Lines, has asked for his resignation, along with Governor Doug Ducey. (D), who stated that Stringer was "essentially disqualified to run at the state level". Stringer ignored their calls to withdraw and instead doubled his remarks during an interview with Capitol Media Services, where he said that Americans of Asian descent "still feel not to participate fully to American life "and African Americans" have not been fully assimilated to American culture. "This week, Ducey and Lines once again renewed their request for Stringer's resignation and were joined by D & L. Other prominent Republican leaders … Meanwhile, a local branch of the NAACP has threatened to boycott the town of Prescott, where the legislator resides. "Until Stringer's representative is removed from office, the NAACP will recommend a travel advisory regarding the city of Prescott, advising our members, supporters and allies to immediately stop any purchase, travel and accommodation in hotels in Prescott, Arizona, "Roy Tat em Jr., president of the NAACP's East Valley Chapter, wrote in a letter to Rusty Bowers (R), representative of the Arizona House of Representatives, representative of the state. But Prescott – a city of about 40,000 that elected 14-point President Trump and is known for its annual Christmas parade – also repudiated Stringer. On Tuesday, the very day the NAACP letter was sent, the city council held a special meeting and voted to call for Stringer's immediate resignation, saying he could no longer effectively represent them. "As proud members of this community, we are horrified by the opinions expressed by Mr. Stringer," said the resolution approved by the council. "Prescott is proud of the respect, the honor, the tradition and the physical embodiment of the Christmas spirit. The misguided, obsolete and offensive opinions of Mr. Stringer are a bad and inaccurate truth to us all. Thursday night, Martin Grossman, a board member from the nearby town of Prescott Valley, made a similar appeal to the legislator at war, telling him that his effectiveness as a representative of the region was "minus zero" . "I think the best thing for this community – if you really like this community as you say yourself – is to resign," he said. Learn more about Morning Mix: When punk rock was raging, Buzzcocks' Pete Shelley was sticking to love songs and changing the story of music. .

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