An association of victims of terrorism renounces public subsidies in the face of the coronavirus crisis

Dignidad y Justicia asks that this money be used to help those who suffer most from the Covid-19 pandemic

Restrooms applaud at the door of the Hospital de Henares, in Coslada ...

Sanitarians applaud at the door of the Hospital de Henares, in Coslada (Madrid).

The Association of Victims of TerrorismDignity and Justiceshe becomes the first to decide to forgo all public subsidies in the face of the coronavirus crisis. In a statement, the association chaired byDaniel Goalkeeperhe renounces this type of public funds “so that they can be used to fight this pandemic.”

Dignidad y Justicia explains that the decision has been agreed with the associates and workers: “It is a major effort for all of them and we want to thank them publicly.” This association of victims calls on the public powers “to carry out an exercise of institutional responsibility and to eliminate from their subsidies destined for this group all superfluous expenses that are not essential for the victims of terrorism.”

The group of victims of terrorism “has always been characterized by its generosity and resilience, knowing how to face all adversities,” says the statement, stating that “in the face of this new challenge,” once again “demonstrate that capacity for sacrifice, effort and of overcoming, and giving back to society, the ordinary citizen who has been unconditionally at our side, that altruism, that support and selfless help. “

Dignidad y Justicia demands that the call for subsidies for non-profit entities, whose purpose is the care of victims of terrorism in any Administration, planned for the year 2020, and that the amount budgeted be allocated to associations that do not approve They are focused “on social aid, due to financial difficulties, to families, the self-employed, or they detect greater psychological needs due to the fear that the Covid-19 is causing”.

The association expresses its condolences for all those killed by Covid-19 and encourages citizens to continue in this fight.

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