An evening to relive June 1940 on France 3

France 3 is devoting an entire evening to the events of June 1940, which have tragically marked the history of france. There are eighty-four years, millions of people, car, bicycle or on foot, fleeing the advance of the nazis from the north of France.

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A documentary unpublished Emmanuelle Nobécourt traces this mass exodus and messy, driven by the fear of tomorrow. “It is a France that loses its bowels “described then of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry flying over this human tide, in which were wandering children lost or abandoned on the side of the road.

“These are exceptional times that cause people to decide “

If the documentary uses re-enactments, more or less, happy to feed the narrative, the fiction Three days in June filmed with more freedom the end of the battle of France, when the German army approaches the Loire, and the French military decided to resist to protect a bridge.

“Even if they are complicated to film, the conflicts are interesting from a dramatic viewpoint : these are exceptional times that push people to determine, shape-ever of the personalities and commitment of the fates “, admitted in 2005, its director Philippe Venault, interrogated, par The Cross.

An ” episode little-known and little-glorious “

The screenplay, an adaptation of the book A bridge on the Loire Frédéric H. Fajardie, also discusses the massacre of the Senegalese by the nazis and their status as “cannon fodder” of the French army. “These are themes not treated in television dramas, where June 1940 is often limited to the debacle of the troops “noted the director.

A historian by training, he had a passion for this “episode little-known and little-glorious “ between the call to the deposit of the arms of Pétain and De Gaulle inviting them to the resistance. These three days, between 16 and 18 June, during which villagers and notable collaborators of the first hour, were ready to shoot them in the back of the French soldiers rather than resist the advance of nazi.


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