An exhibition dedicated to the Estonian writer Jānis Kross will be on display at the LNL

In the reading room of the National Library of Latvia (LNL) Humanities and Social Sciences (2nd floor), celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Estonian writer Jaan Kross, a small exhibition “A Novel with History. Jānis Kross – 100” will be on view from September 24.

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As Augusts Zilberts, the representative of the LNL, informed “Delfi”, the content of the exhibition was selected by the poetess Inese Zandere and the translator Maima Grīnberga. The exhibition features the author’s books published in Estonia, as well as translations of his works into other world languages.

“Jānis Kross – Estonian writer, poet, essayist and translator – is one of the most internationally recognized, most translated Estonian authors in the world and in Latvia, an outstanding master of historical prose. His complex and serious novel with a lifelong history has turned into 11 novels, Cross-stories have focused on the issues of Livonian history, Baltic interwar history and occupation, which are important for Latvian readers, and already during the Soviet era he was able to address historical issues, linking them to 20th century reality and thinking about human conscience and choice. under pressure, “the poet Inese Zandere comments on the importance of cross.

Translator Maima Grīnberga says of the author: “Jānis Kross is every translator’s dream: translating his texts means the opportunity to fulfill a wide range of professional ambitions, to be convinced that the work makes sense, to learn to translate and to educate the reader. Kross deserves much more Latvian translation. for in a sense he has also told the story of our history and the internal and external conflicts of the people. “

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The writer has received many and varied Estonian, USSR and foreign literary awards, orders and academic honors, the Republic of Estonia Culture Award for Lifetime Contribution to Literature, several times nominated for the Nobel Prize, and in 1999, after the novel Flight on the Ground (Paigallend), Laureate of the Baltic Assembly Prize. 1997-2005 In his published articles in 18 volumes. Cross-country prose has been translated into 25 languages ​​since 1973, most notably Finnish (18 works), German (10), Russian (10), Swedish (8), English (7), Dutch (6) and French (6). Five books by Jānis Cross can be read in Latvian.

The exhibition “A Novel with History. Jānis Kross – 100” was created in collaboration with the LNL Support Society, the National Library of Estonia, the Estonian Literature Center and the author’s family. It has been supported by the State Culture Capital Fund and the Estonian Culture Capital Fund.

The exhibition can be viewed free of charge during the working hours of the LNL until December 30.

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