An increase in immigration could be an aid to social security


Before you think I am against immigration, let me repeat my feelings on the issue.

I am very much immigration.

Many newcomers to this country should be allowed by the United States to become good citizens who pay tax. Why? Because it's the right thing to do.

But if you would prefer to have a selfish reason, it is here. Our Social Security system is a pyramid scheme. And if there aren't many new workers coming into the system, younger workers will go on when it comes to collect.

People who are already in America are not producing many children who will get jobs and keep Social Security floating.

Open borders? Stupid. We should know who is coming into the country.

Should we lower standards for who we let into the country? No, but we should not discriminate against any group just because they are.

Should we be careful that dangerous people do not get into it? Not worth mentioning that – or course we should be careful. Very careful! And if the only way to guarantee our safety is to build a damned wall on the Mexican border, then do it.

How do people think people can be acceptable internally into our country? Through sponsorship.



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