An Indian businessman sentenced to life in prison for a false threat of kidnapping on an airplane


An Indian businessman was sentenced to life imprisonment on Tuesday for a false threat of hijacking on a domestic flight by Jet Airways in 2017. The farce resulted in an emergency landing, according to the US news network "CNN".

The businessman Birju Kishor Salla, a resident of Mumbai, was arrested and charged for representing a threat to the safety of the passengers and crew aboard the plane on which the event happened. In addition, he was fined 638,000 euros, which, as announced by the court in charge of the case, will be delivered as compensation to the crew and passengers.

Each pilot will receive a compensation of 1,275 euros, while each member of the cabin crew will receive 637 euros, and each passenger will be paid 319 euros for the "nuisance" caused by the incident, according to a statement published by the National Agency of Investigation.

The NIA testified in court that an air hostess "had found a threat note in the bathroom of the class
 'business' of the plane that said: "there are hijackers and explosives on board the plane" ». The pilot immediately requested an emergency landing. After being arrested at first for "suspicious" reasons, the investigators' investigations led to Salla. Finally it was concluded that the employer had committed the crime intentionally. .


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