An island of cheaters in Fall Guys

The very popular Fall Guys has been experiencing a problem since its launch. While the cheaters invade the servers, the Mediatonic studio decided to conduct a small social experiment with them.

We heard the news on Fall Guys official Twitter. It seems that the developers of Fall Guys had fun making players who were suspected of cheating compete against each other. A pretty funny experience when you imagine the result. These servers, particularly designed to receive cheaters, were called Cheater Island or the island of cheaters in French.

An island where all cheaters meet

The creation of this island was done like this. First, the studio targeted players who appeared to be cheating in the game. They then observed them, with criteria to qualify as very tolerant cheaters initially. Cheaters caught on the spot were warned, but the vast majority continued to cheat. Then, in order to observe them more and have a good laugh, the studio created servers especially for cheaters.

The cheaters therefore found themselves in matches filled with other cheaters or in an endless wait for a match, not having enough cheaters in their region to start a game. This is how a few islands of cheaters appeared, populated by players who could go super fast or even fly through the levels. To start a game in Cheat Island you had to be one yourself and have enough nearby cheaters looking to start a game.

It was shortly after implementing this new system that the first islands of cheaters appeared. On his Twitter account, Fall Guys posted a few videos suspected of being taken in Cheater Islands, but this cannot be confirmed.

Ingenious cheaters

While some complain that the game is broken, they are far from realizing that it is they who are in fact the problem. Others began to team up with non-cheat friends to avoid Cheat Island.

Dealing with cheaters is difficult… they’re honestly very crafty

It is therefore after only a week of laughing at cheaters that the island is finally closed and the cheaters in question are simply banned from the game. The developers are 100% certain that the banned players were all recurring cheaters. . Fall Guys’ official Twitter account broke the news while also announcing their new cheat capture system, that of Epic Games.

Our cheat detection system was good… But we hadn’t expected that many players… We had no idea how far some players would go to cheat and we tried to create a system around “honesty”… But as soon as we realized we were in an arms race, we called the experts at Epic.

It is with the new Big Yeetus and Anti-Cheatus update that Mediatonic wants to solve the problem once and for all. The Anti-Cheatus part will come with the new anti-cheat system from Epic Games. The island of cheaters may already be gone, but cheaters too should be gone from your Fall Guys games.

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