Saturday, 19 Jan 2019

An MS-13 associate sentenced to death on videotape of a 15-year-old girl

Venus Lorena Romero Iraheta, then 17, is shown on the left. (Fairfax County Police) The photo on the right is Damaris A. Reyes Rivas15, whose body was found by police in Springfield on Saturday, February 11, 2017. (Family photo) An MS-13 associate who orchestrated the Murder on Video One As part of a revenge plot, a one-year-old girl faces a life sentence when she is sentenced Friday morning for murder at the end of her life. first degree in Fairfax County. Venus Romero Iraheta, then 17, told Damaris Reyes Rivas that she would see her in hell, before repeatedly dipping a hunting knife in Gaithersburg's adolescence in a wooded area of ​​Springfield. in January 2017. The brutal murder drew the country's attention and sinisterly highlighted the return of its strong return. MS-13, which is behind dozens of murders in recent years in the Washington area and across the east coast. Iraheta, 19, of Alexandria, pleaded guilty to first degree murder in the Fairfax County District Court in January. One of the 10 associates of the MS-13 was convicted of luring Damaris into a park, torturing her and then attacking her with a knife and tree limb. The jerky mobile phone videos captured the teenager's last moments.[[[[She told him that she would see her in hell before killing her.]Iraheta blamed Damaris for drawing Christian Sosa Rivas, his friend and MS-13 associate, about a week before his death. Sosa Rivas, who claimed to be the leader of the Harrison Clique, was killed by other members of the MS-13, probably because they thought he was falsely claiming his title. The assassination of Damaris took place on the cold afternoon of January 8, 2017. She was lured to Lake Accotink Park in Springfield on the pretext of smoking marijuana. Upon arrival, the 10 members of the MS-13 aged 15 to 21 accompanied him into the woods and began to question him about the murder of Sosa Rivas. The horrific cell phone videos, which were released after Iraheta's plea hearing, captured the moment. The MS-13's associates are walking around Damaris, who is standing in the snowy woods, and shouting words in Spanish. One clicks on a cigar cutter and tells him that she could lose a finger before the end of the video. A second video appears after Damaris has been driven to a second location. Damaris shivers in the woods without shirt or shoes in 21 degrees weather. Iraheta is seen brandishing the hunting knife, before someone from the camera screams in Spanish: "Simply glue steel into it." The ordeal would continue. The gang members then returned to Damaris a car and took her to a nearby location, where a Beltway viaduct passes over some railroad tracks, prosecutors said during the plea hearing. of Iraheta. MS-13 graffiti always mark the piles and the underside of the bridge. Some gang members broke loose, others punched and kicked Damaris. After a while, Iraheta climbed to the top of Damaris and asked her if she had slept with Sosa Rivas, prosecutors said. Damaris confessed that she had asked and asked for forgiveness, but prosecutors said that Iraheta was angry. Iraheta later told Fairfax County detectives and an FBI agent that she did not feel bad about what was going to happen. The interrogation was videotaped and the FBI agent translated what Iraheta had told them. "You will remember me until the day we see each other in hell," Iraheta told Damaris. "Do not forget my name," and I told him my full name. . . . I told him never to forget who I was. A Fairfax County inspector then asked what was happening next. Iraheta responded in English: "I killed her." The FBI agent said at a preliminary hearing that Iraheta had plunged the knife to Damaris 13 times. While Damaris was lying on the ground, another member of the MS-13 stabbed her with a large tree branch. A third video begins soon after. We see Damaris lying on his back in the middle of dead leaves on the floor of the wood. Blood trickles down the leaves of his abdomen and spreads over his forehead. Another MS-13 collaborator enters the frame and inserts a bloody stick into his neck again and again before the video ends abruptly. Prosecutors said that Damaris was left to die and that she had expired slowly in about 20 minutes. Gang members returned to the scene later that night and threw Damaris' body in a puddle under the overpass. She was discovered about a month later by the police. Prince William County police discovered the videos of the murder of Damaris while investigating the death of Sosa Rivas. The 10 associates of MS-13 were subsequently arrested and convicted on various charges, including first degree murder, gang involvement and kidnapping. Most have already been convicted. They risk five to 55 years in prison. .

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