August 11, 2019

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An overwhelming Spain wins the Malaga Trophy

The Spanish basketball team overwhelmed the Democratic Republic of the Congo in the final of the Malaga Tournament in which it won 96-64 in a sublime match of Scariolo and where Willy Hernangómez shone with his 24 points.


Spain (30 + 24 + 23 + 19): Ricky Rubio (16), Rudy (0), Pierre Oriola (6), Juancho Hernangómez (5), Marc Gasol (9) -five start- Quino Colom (6), Jaime Fernández (10), Illimane Diop (3), Willy Hernangómez (24), Joan Sastre (0), Xavi Rabaseda (12), Javier Beirán (5).

Democratic Republic of Congo

(7 + 21 + 21 + 15): Anzuluni (12), Kayembe (6), Mvouika (16), Mutuale (10), Kabasele (9) -initial five- Mukendi (0), Kande (2), Bonga ( 3), Lomboto (0), Sakho (2), Kibi (2) and Katenda (2).


Spider, Zamorano and Torres.


Match corresponding to the final of the Malaga Tournament played in the José María Martín Carpena.

On the track of José María Martín Carpena there seems to be only one team, with Rudy debuting on the track debuting in this tournament, Spain led with solvency and in just two minutes he won 5-0 without complications. A show for basketball lovers that was marked by strokes of excellence such as the 'pick and roll' of Rudy and Marc to open the gap of +10 in the equator of the first section, which ended with a resounding victory for those of Scariolo (30-7).

After the first ten bright minutes for the national team, Spain lowered the pace, which allowed the Congolese to endorse a partial 3-11 to the locals in the absence of 3 minutes to rest. Ricky Rubio stopped the bleeding with a triple and the 6'75 line became an ally of the Spaniards, as Marc Gasol and Xavi Rabaseda pulled their wrist and added three.

Malaga's Jaime Fernández was responsible for putting the icing on the cake and unleashing the madness in the malacitana stand with 26 points of advantage thanks to the good basketball shown by the nationals (54-28).

After the break, the Spanish team continued scoring, but lowering the pace of the game, which took advantage of the Congo to add, although without success since the result was bulky in the face of Scariolo.

The 2-11 partial starring the Africans had to be stopped by a triple of Rabaseda and Jaime Fernández returned to give reasons for the ovation after adjusting aim from the 6'75 and put the +24, which ended up becoming a + 28 at the end of the third section of the meeting (77-49).

Spain was superior throughout the match, with scoring predisposition and a correct attitude, all added to the spectacular performance of Willy Hernangómez who showed what was shown this Friday and shone again.

Again and again the pivot hung from the hoop and made the difference of + 30 (79-49), to give wings to his teammate Quino Colom and starring in both of them a final fourth place in which Illimade Diop took Spain to 90 points missing three minutes for the final horn.

Spain followed and completely annulled the Democratic Republic of the Congo until completing a match dominated from start to finish and ended with the bulky score of 96-64 and the national champion of the Malaga Trophy before traveling to Los Angeles.

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