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Anadolu Efes won the Turkish Cup

Istanbul’s Anadolu Efes team in the final of the Turkish Cup 86:72 (16:14, 25:13, 21:22, 24:23) defeated Istanbul in Fenerbach and won trophies.

Last year, the Turkish Cup did not take place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and in 2019 and 2020. was triumphant in Fenerbach. Anadolu Efes won trophies in 2018.

For the winners Vasilije Micičius scored 23 points (3/8 three-point, 6 res.), Tibor Pleiss – 20 (8 reb.), Rodrigue Beaubois – 19 (5/7 three-point), Adrien Moermann – 13 (16 rec).

Devin Booker scored 17 points, Mark Guduričius scored 15, Jehyve Floyd, Melih Mahmutoglu and Mark Starks scored 10 points each.

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