Anahí talks about why she has been away from television and music

After the success of the series ‘Rebelde’ (2004-2006) and the musical phenomenon that RBD represented, a group that was active until 2009, Anahí continued with her acting and musical career. However, in recent years we have not seen her as active either on television or on stage, as her last novel was ‘Dos Hogares’ – released in 2011 – and her last studio album was ‘Unexpected’, which was released market in 2016.

In that order of ideas, what happened? Why has Anahí been away from the cameras and recording studios? Well, in a recent interview for the show Today, the 37-year-old artist spoke about it.

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I have been away from the media for a while and from being present on television or in music, and that has been a very personal decision, also difficult because obviously I was born and raised in a forum and it has been complicated in the sense that of course my heart misses and when you carry something in your blood like I carry being an artist you miss it, but it was a very well made decision because there are many things that the public does not see and that can tire you “.

She added that for now she is focused on her facet as a businesswoman and, although he loves his profession He feels that it is very valid not to expose himself so much. “It is also worth changing a little … There are simply moments in life when you decide maybe not to expose yourself so much and take care of your heart a little.”

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It is also to remember that the singer has a website called, in which he shares recipes and yoga exercises. In addition to having a podcast with his sister Marichelo Puente.

And, she has been very focused on her family nucleus. She is married to the politician Manuel Velasco, with whom she has two children: Manuel and Emiliano, the latter born in February 2020.

On the other hand, together with Maite Perroni, Christian Chávez and Christopher Uckermann will form a virtual union of RBD, which is scheduled for next December 26, the tickets went on sale last October 4.

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Although the ideal would have been to have the entire group assembled, Dulce María and Poncho Herrera withdrew from the event. In this regard, Christian Chávez revealed through an Instagram Live that Poncho never felt very comfortable in the field of music, while Dulce María is focused on motherhood, the singer is seven months pregnant and is expecting a girl.


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