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According to Buchsoft-Online analysts, in April the number of layoffs in this sector decreased by 57% compared with March. The authors of the study attribute this to the fact that business owners may be afraid of lawsuits from employees

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In April 2020, the number of laid-off employees in the small business sector fell by 57% compared to the previous month. This is stated in a study by analysts at Buchsoft-Online (an accounting program for small businesses that is part of the Aktion-ICFER media group). They studied the data of 72 thousand Russian companies that belong to this segment.

According to the authors of the study, the indicators for April reflect the “expectant” position of business owners who may be afraid of lawsuits by employees.

Pessimism of Russian business reached crisis level in 2015

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In March, according to the study, 10% more employees were laid off than a month earlier.

The situation with the spread of coronavirus infection has affected the employment, according to a report from analysts. So, in March, the number of new labor contracts concluded by small businesses decreased by 8% compared with February. In April, 60% fewer new employees were hired than in March.


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