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Anastasia Reshetova bared her stomach in a jacket and skinny jeans

Anastasia Reshetova in October last year for the first time became a mother. She gave birth to a son, Ratmir. Now the model, along with rapper Timati, is raising a small heir. By the way, the artist already has little experience, since he has a daughter Alice from a past relationship. The girl had already met her brother and learned to communicate with him. During the quarantine period, beloved Timati will devote even more time to the heir.

“Ratmir needs to grow a beard”: Reshetova showed how Timati communicates with her six-month-old sonStar family while away in isolation.

After giving birth, Reshetova quickly returned to shape, but self-isolation does not affect the figure in the best way. Lera Kudryavtseva, Olga Buzova and others have already complained that they have gained weight. The rapper’s chosen one also recovered, but she prefers not to voice her weight. The other day, the model called herself a “pig.” But fans believe that the girl has a beautiful figure, especially for a young mother. Usually Anastasia walks on the terrace, but it seems that on May 4 she went outside and fell in the rain.

In a new photo, the girl appeared with wet hair. She posed in the elevator in jeans with high rise, a tight-fitting top and a leather jacket. Reshetova was not afraid to strip her stomach. The outfit favorably emphasized her waist and slender legs.

“It is good that it will rain soon. Fewer people will stagger around the streets, ”she said.

Anastasia Reshetova. Photo: instagram.com/volkonskaya.reshetova/

Later, beloved Timati changed into a beige sweatshirt. She arranged a photo shoot on the terrace. It seems that the model decided to breathe fresh air. Suddenly Reshetova decided to announce that she would always take the side of the family.

“I have long developed immunity to attacks by notorious Internet trolls. Almost nothing hurts me. But when it comes to my child, completely different feelings play here … I don’t know what a unicellular creature you need to be in order to negate children, not for my understanding of things … Just keep in mind, I will never give my family an insult “She said.

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Many decided that the model decided to support Yana Rudkovskaya, who intends to sue journalists who slandered her seven-year-old son Sasha, but the girl assured that she was not aware of the situation.


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