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Ancient cat picture discovered in desert Peru

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient drawing of a cat on a hill in the desert in southern Peru. The geoglyph drawn on a hill is 37 meters long, so reported the Peruvian Ministry of Culture Thursday. The cat picture was discovered while working in the Nazca province, an area known for its ancient drawings.

The drawing was poorly visible and was about to disappear because of its location on a steep slope that is prone to erosion. Archaeologists discovered the geoglyph while working on a nearby viewing point. After the mound was carefully cleaned, lines about a foot wide emerged showing a cat’s body. “This discovery once again demonstrates the area’s rich and varied cultural heritage,” said the Peruvian ministry.

On the basis of “stylistic features,” experts date the drawing to one hundred to two hundred years before Christ. At the time, a people lived in the area who often made similar drawings on ceramics and textiles. If the estimate is correct, the discovered cat picture would be older than the other geoglyphs in the area. There are several felines in South America, including jaguars and cougars.

World Heritage

The area around Nazca is known for its hundreds of age-old drawings of monkeys, birds, llamas and lizards. The 450 square kilometer desert plain is located south of the capital, Lima. Most of the drawings were probably made by the Paracas and Nazca peoples, who lived in the area from roughly 200 BC to 600 AD. There is still much uncertainty about the function of the so-called lines of Nazca and Palpa.

The first Nazca geoglyphs were discovered in the 1920s. Ten years later, the area was made public. The drawings, which can only be seen clearly from an airplane, have been on the Unesco World Heritage List since 1994. With the help of drones, archaeologists have found at least eighty new geoglyphs in recent years.

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