And the 2020 prize for the worst passwords goes to …

According to recent list of the worst NordPass passwords, a password manager, many people still use combinations that are too easy to break.

200 passwords are therefore in this famous list, but we will list only a few. Note that despite their alarming uselessness, most of these passwords frequently appear in this list that NordPass renews each year.

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So, if you want to protect yourself from a possible hack, first, think of something more successful than the passwords that will be quoted to you shortly after. And don’t forget to apply the extra measures that are required in the digital age.

The worst passwords of all time

After the NordPass 2020 ranking, the prize for the worst password is none other than the combination ” 123456 “. Yep, millions of people still use this string of numbers that hackers, for accuracy, can get around in under a second.

So, according to NordPass, “123456” has been broken at least 23 million times during this year. Then, in second position, we have “123456789”.

Behind “123456789” we have the combination “picture1”, a little novelty in this list. Note that even if this password takes around 3 hours to be decrypted, it is not at all reliable. We also find the combination including letters, a number and a capital letter, “Million2”, which has been cracked 160,000 times during this year.

How to strengthen your online security

In this long list, we also have “iloveyou”, “000000”, “abc123” and of course… “password” (and say that there are still some who trust it to secure their accounts). Combinations like this are therefore unreliable at all, even after adding extra letters, numbers or even a case.

You will understand, do not use combinations similar to those mentioned above. Then always consider using a two-factor authentication to secure your accounts on the internet.

The simplest and most effective solution, however, is still the use of a password manager. You are also spoiled for choice between the solutions currently on the market.


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