… And they close the door to ‘banned’ to give medicines

Mexico City.- Asked about the tenders that his Government will grant to the IP to supply medications, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that “suspended” companies will not be hired, since it was demonstrated that they were influencing practices and did not pay taxes.

“Yes, but forward and as long as they are not the companies that are suspended because it was shown that they were influencing, they were influencing practices and also shortages, and high prices, and did not pay taxes, and did what they wanted for corruption, those are not, “he said in conference.

The president said that no contracts will be made with firms that have judicial, national or foreign problems, and that the FIU makes a financial review to rule out corruption.

“In the tenders, clauses are already being established so that companies can be reviewed by the Office of Financial Intelligence, all of them, that is, we do not want to deal with companies that have pending lawsuits or are signed for money laundering or for acts of corruption in Mexico or abroad, “he said.

REFORMA published Thursday that the federal government and the Private Initiative formed a team and in the remainder of the year they will jointly supply medications to specialty hospitals, as well as to IMSS clinics and state hospitals.

For this, the Ministry of Finance enlists a tender to contract, for three years, the service of private pharmacies in nine national institutes and high specialty hospitals of the Ministry of Health.

In another contest, divided into six items, the IP central service for oncological, antimicrobial and parenteral nutrition mixtures will also be granted for the remainder of 2020.

In March 2019, the president had symbolically vetoed Dimesa, as well as the Specialized Drugs Group (Grufesa) and Maypo Pharmaceuticals, for which he considered his monopolistic practices in previous sexennia.

However, Dimesa, the distribution subsidiary of Grupo Pisa, won on December 24, 113 of the 632 items of the consolidated bidding of medicines in the health sector for 2020, convened by the Ministry of Finance.


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